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I. Funamdentals of Sigil Magick

          Sigil magick represents a form of symbolic enchantment where abstracted desire gets propelled out into the realm of probability or seeded in one's subconscious mind, in which it has the chance of bringing one's intent or desire to materilization, if one does not obsess on it overmuch (the latter aspect of obsession is a much debated topic among Chaotes). Sigil magick stands as a technique that gets most often utilized by Chaos Magician, both as beginners and as adepts alike, but it is not limited to the arena of Chaos Magic. The reason for this wide variety of practice simply comes down to results. The shit works.

          In the following lessons, we (The Administrative Aggregate) intend to examine as many ways to perform sigil magick as exist on the material plane, pulling from as many disparate sources as humanly possible. From the plainly straight-forward, traditional approach to the obscure, advanced creation of these beasts as they pertain to servitors which we will discuss, at length, much later. This series of short lectures tend to jump around, so don't look for any sense of continuity so much as a jumble of ideas pertaining to sigil magick as a whole.

          First, we want you to get a grip on the step by step process of sigil creation which resonates with the individual most clearly. We will demonstrate what we know, but we will also back up our knowledge with URLs of relevance. Such as Eian Orange's Sigil Gallery or CHAOSMAGICK.1's Sigil Oasis which show examples of the many forms a sigil can take.

  1. Frater U.'. D.'. touches upon Austin Osman Spare's Theory of Sigil creation and does so at length. The basic idea goes along the lines of making a declarative Statement of Intent (or SOI, for short) that seems assertive and contains no negative words such as "not" for example

                I WILL ACQUIRE A HARDCOPY OF THE SWORN BOOK OF HONORIUS, even though the preceding statement has anontological beauty, it still seems as though it embodies a rather insignificant and irrelevant portion of what can get accomplished with magick and sorcery, in general. Let's try, the much hyphenated, MY WILL = INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY DURING CREATIVITY instead of something so formal and rigid as the archaic drivel that we have contrived in the former.

    We tip our hat to the good people at neuromagick.com/ for putting things in perspective.

    1. We then remove all but very first instance of a repeating letter in the phrase
    2. MY WIL* *NCREAS*D P*O*U*T*V**Y *****G **********
    3. We arrive at the letters M Y W I L N C R E A S D P O E T V Y G which seem like nonsense
    4. We take these letters and form a pictorial sigil out of them and then stylize them
    5.  Sigil 1              Sigil 2              Sigil 3

    6. After the sigil construction reaches completion we need to 'charge' the sigil itself. By charging the sigil we essentially imbue it with energy and propel it out into the realms of probability or seed it into our subconscious mind. We do this by employing what we know as gnosis. Gnosis represents an altered state of consciousness not unlike the Buddhist version of Samadhi where single-pointed focus obscures the ever-prattling discursive mind. There exist many and varying forms of physiological gnosis to utilize, to learn, and to harness.
    7. The so-called gnostic state remains a staple of results-based Chaos Magic.
    8. If at this point you find yourself puzzled by what has transpired thusfar then start at the beginning with Fireclown's Sigilization Basics for the Confused and catch up with us at #2.
    9. As with the above example in our Statement of Intent we shall attempt to also look at the practice of removing all the vowels including all the repeating letters so our Statement of Intent would look a little different and have a lot less letters to deal with in making our glyph at the end.

    11. Broken down with this method: * **** **Q**** * ***D**PY ** T** ***** B**K ** ********
    12. So, we end up with Q D P Y T B K and we take them and form a pictorial Sigils out of them
    13. QDPYTBK Sigil 3             QDPYTBK Sigil 4             QDPYTBK Sigil 5

          There exist other methods for sigilizing one's Statement of Intent. We will examine some more of those techniques in later sections with regard to what remains useful. Much like the above technique, we have a short list of variables that the would-be magician may feel more comfortable with. Again, our purpose in making sigils is to "launch" them with gnosis, which either propels them into the realm of probability, seeds them in one's subconscious (as all magick works on a deeper mind level, and the logical mind only tends to hinder the manifestation of results), or imprints one's desire on the fabric of reality.

                "Sigil Magick seeks to implant and embed directions and/or desires into the deep mind in a way that goes unopposed by the rational mind." ---FireClown

  1. Gordon, of runesoup.com, wrote a delightful article humbly titled the Ultimate Sigil Magic Guide and therein he describes a few important satraps that Chaos Magician fall prey to
  2. Common concerns within the art of sigil making include:

    1. This still looks too much like the original letters
    2. This looks nothing like the original letters
    3. This doesn't look very 'magical'
    4. Some of the things Eian learned being a telemarketer, selling people things they don't want (or need) also apply to sigil magick, as well:

    5. Use positive words rather than negative words
    6. Have fixed or clear goals
    7. Use the present tense
    8. Describe the 'completed' situation rather than the desire to get there

We cannot more adamantly over-stress the latter list in constructing one's sigil. There exists great wisdom in this advice and we implore you to take heed. From what we've offered you so far in this section (in #1 and #2) one should have themselves prepared to go out and sigilize for their desires.

So, go out and make sigils, now! Fulfill your dreams and attract what you deserve into your life. What follows from here on out goes toward the slightly more advanced user. We will deal with turning one's remaining letters into mantras first, and then go into alternative forms of telesmatic sigilization

  1. To make one's journey easier a few Chaotes, with a bit of ingenuity on their side, have come up with applications that will do all the work for you. Yes, online sigil generators.
    1. http://sigilmaker.com/
    2. http://sigilscribe.me/




II. Mantras and their background in Sigil Magick

Let's talk about turning sigils into mantras. Let's start with a new mantra. One that comes off as recurring in time. This, again, proves that how one words their sigil will determine how their SOI manifests. In this SOI we have opted for a more V-Prime, over-compensating, future-tensed 'taking care of business' type of declarative, for not only the present, but for upcoming dilemmas as well, which is inclusive of the retroactive past. We are reassuring ourselves that we have been, are, and will be taking care of our overhead.


  1. We then remove ALL repeating letters in the phrase and it ends up like this
  2. IT REMA*NS *Y W*L* *O **** *H**D *F ** B***
  3. and we arrive at the letters I T E M A S L Y O (R N H D F B) which seem like nonsense
  4. The letters in parenthesis represent non-repeating letters. (R N H D F B)
  5. The other letters I T E M A S L Y O represent the repeating letters.
  6. we take these letters I T E M A S L Y O R N H D F B and form a mantric Sigil out of them
  7. Try something along the lines of SLYMRIND THORND BAFE or HOTNLYFE DARM SNIDBA

In Ouranian Barbaric, the above SOI could be broken down as a mantra by simply stating:
XIQUAL CIUXIQ! WOBIHAG HUCOYE or "Manifest Wealth! Overcome Poverty"

Now, the would-be magician takes one of these mantras and repeats them over and over again ad infinitum until they've lost all meaning and have swept past your discursive intellect in true sleight of mind fashion. You do not want to recall what this mantra represents on the material plane as far as your SOI goes. Repeat the mantra over and over again until you reach a state of either inhibitory gnosis (katalepsis) from quieting the mind with transcendental meditation or via excitatory gnosis (eckstasis) through building up of one's enthusiastic catharsis. The former mode of gnosis is accomplished by bringing the mind to a state of quiescence, the latter form of gnosis is brought about by exciting the mind-body to the point of exhaustive release. Both are recommended for the would-be magician to attempt as they do not know what their sigil mantra will work best with. The third option in gnostic states is that of chemognosis (nacrolepsis) which many would call the easy way out, but nevertheless it is a potent form of energy transfer that should be explored when and if the would-be magician has the wherewithal and resources to attempt charging their mantra in this fashion. Let us be clear, we do not condone the use of illegal drugs in conjunction with one's magickal practice, but whatever the would-be magician finds useful should not be discounted.

Continue chanting your mantra until a state of catharsis is reached in which the would-be magician feels as though they have successfully launched said sigil. The exact method of _how_ a sigil is launched depends on what model of reality one deals with. One's SOI could be interpreted as being propelled:

  1. way into the depths of the sub-conscious mind (the psychological model)
  2. out into some liminal aether (the energy model)
  3. in a manner which resolves it with a greater organic entity (the spirit model)
  4. in a manner which links it up with morphogenetic fields (the information model)
  5. in or by some weirding combination of one or two of the aforementioned ideals (the meta-model)

These models are presented to us by Frater U.'.D'.' and should be given some thought before engaging in sigilcraft. Where is your source of energy coming from and where does your sigil apprehend its power?

A good example of a much more traditional type of mantra can be found here on Z(enseider)Z soundcloud

Another way of expressing far more complex chanting type mantras can be found within the first 45 seconds of a Gen-Z track entitled "Our Corpses Come Back To Life". Gen-Z is a collaboration between Eri S Capeditiea & Eian Orange




III. Audio sigilia, meditative work, and ritual ambiance

When one creates a simple two or three stage audio sigil, it tends not to have a very profound effect on the psyche of its listeners. The sigil may get charged in the usual fashion, but the track that the would-be magician has created usually has no discernible effect on the mentality of those who put it on repeat to charge it accordingly. We have many and varying methods for achieving such menial aims.

One such technique goes as follows:

we call this one audiolalia

We record our vocals (track A) while working ourselves up into a gnostic state spitting harsh glossolalia. We take that recording and reverse it, re-shape it, drop it down an octave, and eventually lay fx on top of it. The works. We then record a specific SOI (track B) and re-shape it, possibly reverse it, maybe even shift the pitch (not quite to chipmunk levels, but up a fifth or a third) and then whammy bar the whole file to make it totally disrupted and unrecognizable. We then make another track (track C) with some very minimal dark ambient sounds and eventually mix all three tracks in a multi-tracker or simply paste them all together into one file. We also make a 2-D sigil to go along with the 'mantra' for good measure.

No real musical skill required. Just knowledge of the audio warez you're working with and a built-in mic. Once you have the recorded mix on hand you play it on repeat for several hours (!!!) or until the meaning has completely changed its nuance. In other words, until you have come to a crossroads with the mix where you either cannot 'tune in' to it any longer or it has been rendered effective (enchanted) and now simply wastes your time. For some additional hypserstition, once you've sufficiently 'launched' the fucker: never listen to it again, and send all co-work and copies to /dev/null or the trash, in layman's terms.

An example of this can be found here on Z(enseider)Z sound cloud for your listening pleasure. Do keep in mind that the track went through a rigorous process of sampling, recording, and sequencing.

Other more expansive techniques have been found to be effective in altering the listener's mental faculties using isochronic tones, binaural recording, frequency modulation, and, in other cases, a spectral analyzer which we have fed a variety of images (sigils, photos, drawings, etc.), all in the hopes that we might induce differing key brain entrainment conditions. In many of the soundscapes, we aimed for producing theta and gamma wave states. We would have to say that we were mostly unsuccessful at this. Although, our strategies changed up from one enterprise to the next, we stuck by our core principle: to noticeably alter consciousness without boring the audience to death. The very ins and outs of our artful pseudo-science are still in the developmental stages and do not get exposed for their secrets and procedures, mostly because even the composers at Z(enseider)Z are perplexed at _some_ of their efficacy on the populace we've kept correspondence with.

You will simply have to experiment for yourself in meditative and ritual settings with the albums Zero Point Gravitation and Ontogeny Recapitulates Psychogeometry both of which are available for free download @ zenseiderz.bandcamp and nowhere else. More information on each of the albums can be found on their respective pages. These are small scale projects that we consider as hypersigils due to their range and scope.




IV. Advanced sigil creation, reverse divination, and methodology

There seems to be two basic schools of thought when it comes to crafting SOI. On the one hand, we have those who believe one's sigil should be as simple as possible and one's SOI should be as specific as possible. Sounds boring, but it's the staple of exceptional sigil practice. We tend to follow this line of thinking in our ritual workings for the simple fact that we do not want to work ourselves up into a state of deep gnosis and have it backfire simply because the sigil was too complex to visualize or our SOI was too vague to bring about transformative change. We do not go about asking the multiverse for pennies from heaven or illumination from lightning bolts.

Then, there is another base of experience which determines that a certain degree of visual and lingual intricacy should be involved in the construction of an effective sigil. We also adhere to this train of thought as it can often make for highly personalized, rarely penetrated, sigils of an atypical nature, the likes of which only master sigilizers are able to express their process of manufacturing.

Neither operation is more valid than the other as not one of these techniques have gone through peer-reviewed double-blind testing. The controls are just too difficult to put in place. We're not sure any form of magick has stood up to the light of such harsh scrutiny. Magick isn't about providing proof to skeptics because if it were, we'd all be like Alan Moore attempting to make lemons explode with our minds and embarrassing ourselves in the process. We are not hucksters, mystics, and illusionists, we are magician, witches, and shaman.

Although, to quote the Oxford Dictionary of World Regions -- "magic offers the transformation of circumstances without guaranteeing effects: one consequence or its opposite will still be a demonstration that magic 'works', because it confirms the entire context in which a person lives."

We, at Z(enseider)Z, have concocted a program which abstracts desire while leaving open the specificity of the Tarot keys and the Tree of Life sephiroth & paths to construct sigils in what we call a 'reverse divination' method. It only makes sense once you've begun to absorb the article. For those with an adventurous spirit behind their mystical edge for complexity give this a try:

  • http://eianorange.zenseiderz.org/chaosorcery/reverse_divination.html
  • And for even more advanced users whom utlize Magic Squares to design their sigils.

  • http://www.keithschwarz.com/mathtricks/magic.php
  • http://www.doermann.com/square/index.html



    V. Symmetry and gematriac formula

    We have put together several symmetrical sigils (and some that are non-symmetrical). Mostly ones that have been constructed on one side of the 'paper' and then butterflied to give them (what we consider to be) double the potency. Some sigilia were meant to be butterflied, but others are just a byproduct of aesthetics. It could be said that taking a sigil and butterflying it gives one double the chances of manifestation, but there is little in the way of empirical evidence to support this claim. What it comes down to is a sense of taste that one magician may have over another. Some folks visualize the butterflied sigils much more readily than just a simple 'one sided' sigil whereas some sigilia are just too complex to visualize. The concept is entirely up to the would-be magician.

    When it comes to sigils of the Numerical Egregore in the Gematria Of Nothing it took Z(enseider)Z GoN research teams countless hours of enchanting, divination, and evocation of the Digital Qlippoth to arrive at some of the sigilia that now come to stand as entire Qabalistic faculties of the schemes set forth by numerological integrity.

    In simplest terms, a Numerical Egregore can represent nothing more than the root numbers which belong to a given numerical entity. 2, for example, has its egregore rooted in 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 92, 101, et al as well as the their negative counterparts. Numbers, that when added together, continuously equate to 2. Each of these Numerical Egregore have a specific sigil attached to them and each of the factors of the Egregore have servitors attached to them which stand for all the numbers the Egregore represent. We have yet to create a sigil for 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, etc., but the time will come when they will get accomplished.

    In more complex terms, the Numerical Egregore is a term coined by the late Infek bin Laden and although we cannot know exactly what he meant by this (as he left no complete written record of such jargon) we will take it upon ourselves as his protégé via the GoN to describe what it means to us and how it has influenced our Work as adept 21st century Qabalists, expert memeticists, and amateur semioticians.

    The term 'Numerical Egregore' conjures up ruminations of a group thoughtform derivative of a mathematical (or at least numerological) nature however this is not necessarily the case. The numerical egregore has less to do with the interplay between a particular orignator and a given number and more to do with the symbiotic relationship extant among all numbers and the reality tunnel of a given Qabalist receiving and transmitting logarithmic data streams. Which is to say, the numerical egregore represents a collective archetypal convergence of quasi-semiotic qabalistic conditioning and naturally occurring geometric phenomena.

    More on the symmetry of the Numerical Egregore here at our Exponential Branches page. Notice that the glyph for Zero is not symmetrical because it is not within the realm of similitude, it precedes it. Numbers 1-9 have a brand of symmetry all their own, but 0 stands alone as an individual sigil with which there is no equal.




    VI. Keypad sigils, qwerty sigils, and defining a sigil (intro)

    For a Long time we have been using what we commonly refer to as phone glyphs or keypad sigils. Basically, you encode someone's phone number onto the keypad of your phone and design a sigil around it. You've been doing it unconsciously this whole time, but never realized it. We offer you a example of what we're talking about here and here. As you can see, since the number begins with 555 we've opted to use three corners of the 5 key to make the sigil all the more interesting, but one does not have to do as we have done. You may simply go over the key once if it repeats in concurrence with the same number. We've used this method to great effect when trying to get someone to call us back during an important time of duress or when we just wanted our dealer to pick up the goddamn phone. It's effective because it creates an invisible magickal link to your target for use in the sympathetic territory.

    What makes this style of ensigilization quasi-revolutionary is the fact that the utilities are endless. You could sigilize someone's name using the letters on the keypad, if you like. Or take it a step further, as one intrepid would-be witch has done and transfer this ideal to a full fledged keyboard. She has called this method Qwerty Sigils and for lack of a better explanation we would say the same thing about the qwerty method as we said about the dialing numbers method: we do it all the time without noticing that we are doing it. We type out words with profound meaning all the time, just as we dial important phone numbers with the same amount of regularity. (Well, not so much with the dialing anymore since we have a contacts list in our phone, but the idea still prevails)

    It's something to consider: what is a sigil, exactly? Is it relegated to the realm of Chaotes and other Magickian? Or is it deeper than that? Are songs, lyrics, poetry, paintings, sculptures, digital artwork, speeches, rants, fiction, and even jewlery craft all forms of sigilia? It's food for thought when you consider that old adage that everyone does magick, only few are aware of the fact.




    VII. Freestyle sigilia and the method of automation

    We tend to draw our analog sigils in a particular fashion. Instead of going about the whole Sparian rigmarole of writing out a SOI, crossing out repeating letters, etc. we tend to simply hold our intent firmly in our mind and then let loose in pseudo-automatic drawing fashion upon the paper. Our background in graffiti gives us an edge where we could most likely draw something sigil-like with our eyes closed. Now, in no way are we saying that this method is any better or worse than the traditional method, but due to all the time we've put in doing it the traditional way we find this automatic method more potent. We can't necessarily pinpoint why that is, but we think it has to do with our relationship with art, in general.

    Not that we can readily define our rapport with art, at this very moment, but suffice to say it is the life's blood with which our magick sustains itself. Now, we do not work in as many mediums in as, say, an artisan like Amun Disalvatron does, but there is still little in this world we can do without it crossing over into one form of artwork or another. These mediums include, but are not limited to pencil sketching, oil painting, spray painting, marker and ink design, music composition, and the written word in its many a varying forms.



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