11.11.01   All hail the Victorious Dead!

          Vast and countless are the godforms presiding over this yearly observance upon the eve of the Nativity of the Son of Man in 1934 and the date of Eternal Separation from the Archetypal Theriomorph in 2001.

          On this day we pay homage to Infek bin Laden who consummated his necro-eidetic absorption into the Oneiromantic Digital Sarcophagi. We celebrate this event by mass transmitting the finest Virtual Zentertainment Terrorvision that our infection strategists and mobile contagion units can muscle into motion.

The immaculate frequency of the fiery Theriomorphic corona still resonates within our hearts, and the Feral Light still pours forth from our eyes as we wade in the fallout and bury our dead.

To honor the memory of Infekshun today W. E. W. I. L. L.

  • open this Ceremonial Interfacing with the rampant, unadulterated incineration of H.V.C.W. in every nook and cranny on the triple W
  • calculate auspicious enumerations through the Gematria of Nothing to pay homage to its creator, Infek bin Laden, (the world's foremost Qabalist via the Gematria of Nothing) and the Kabaal of M.A.A.T.
  • carry on the Satanic Pride Awareness Movement through inflammatory S.E.P.T.I.C. contrivances and pursue an Universal Declaration for the Rite to Perform Child Sacrifice.
  • support a Psychedelic Satanic Positive future in a Psychedelic Satanic Positive World and re-introduce the proper way to reflect homicidal tolerance within our legal system.
  • close this Festivity in Flame by honoring the advents of Advanced Hell Technology to preserve A.T.W.A. by providing the Working Sex Magickian with superior Cryomemetic weaponry

In the timeless words of Ms. Lucy Cervix
you'll never be worthy of www.deathandhell.com

          The obscured Will is the essence of the Feral Light, or the flame of the Ruach. The Working Sex Magickian must continually focus on obtaining Effluvia Enriched Synthetic OV through bits and bytes to feed hir online persona by reinforcing the insatiable appetites of their Inter-dimensional Puppet Mastery. Chaos is the essence of creation, it is literally the beginning and the end of our encasement in this Digital Sarcophagi. As form fitting Ultra-Flesh is what is being cybernetically enhanced, it is truly what must be worshiped within as a wetware prostheses of our already transcendentally augmented consciousness. When Anal-Necro Rape is brought forth from the shadows of erotic deviancy, the Theriomorph within is revealed.





Nothing has Being

Everything has Value