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Dia de los Muertos festival 2014
@ the Orange compound, outside Savannah, GA · 31.7999° N, 81.4123° W

For those of you not able to make an appearance at our humble abode IRL during the holiday weekend of Friday October 31st (Samhain), Saturday November 1st (All Saints Day), and Sunday November 2nd (All Souls Day) this page is dedicated to linking up with our festive entanglement by means of electronic connection and etheric projection. We, at Z(enseider)Z, fully believe in the power of the digital medium as a source for intermediary sorcery by proxy and insofar we are setting up this HTML document for the use of Technoshamans and Cybermagickians alike. Have at it m'fraters and m'sorors, this is a once a year celebration and one that is as important to us as our individual birthdays. One where we honor the dead and pay homage to their deeds in life and properly thank them for their additional support in our day to day lives from the afterworld. We have many altars set up as our means of ancestral veneration and on this particular weekend we will be calling to them to reach through the veil when it is at its thinnest to aid us in our rituals, support us in our Will, and commune with us as they would if they remained in their mortal coil. We call to A.T.W.A. in order to witness the summoning of these specters so dear to our hearts. We will plant apples beyond our borders on Samhain night (November Eve/Halloween) and if you choose you can do the same, it is a tradition for honoring the forgotten dead who have no one to give them offerings.

FETH DIBONGOF MEGEXID = 88 = the dead will come to life
88 = There is the dissolution, and eternal ecstasy in the kisses of Nu. (AL II:44) [GoN]

Initial details on who's also attending either in meatspace or in the digital realm can be found here, by invite only and no, it's not because we're being elitist snobs we just don't want lots of untrustworthy meme-bearers joining in our festivities making all our hard work turn toxic. And trust me, to any would be hijackers, The Great Octarine Sgilinghood of the Z.'.Z.'. has taken measures to deal with your kind in the most malign, diabolic manner possible. There has also been some cursory examination of this topic and more in the group located here between two z0s q1a culled us meme-bearers conversing on their methodology of both bare-hands magick and more complex forms of arriving at the perfect sigils. We speak on all things sigil related including how to fire them off using more than simple fapping or exhaustion. We discuss freestyle methods used by the Z(enseider)Z Department of Peripheral Epiphenomena. I rarely take pics of our altars and places of consecration, but that is due to the virtue of 'To Keep Silent' which I find the most difficult of all to do in this aeon of information and massive idea dissemination. For now we're focusing on getting people to congregate in one place (or at least aim their virtual magicks at one of several targets in the case of those who can't make it) and get them entranced enough to conjure the spirits of their personal dead in our presence. The more the merrier.

FETH COYANIOC FADIKU CHO FIACOPA = 139 = they should be ashamed of their loathsome deeds [GoN]
139 = quintessential mass psychedelic satanic virtual activist synchropathology for whoever few knows them will not taste death [GoN]
139 = 53 = 18 = 39 = -2 = 13 [GoN]

166 = Let the Holy one be made Holy still, convey the scales raw: each day is first, last and only [GoN]

    Santisima Muerte which translates as Holy Death also known to H.E.R. adherents as The Most Holy Death, has three major aspects or main faces which S.H.E. is known by to H.E.R. devotees: La Blanca (the white), La Roja (the red), and La Negra (the black) each which is unique in form and function. And devotees see that the three different sides govern specific conditions toward H.E.R.

  • La Blanca (the white) represents the oldest and most unadulterated of the trinity. S.H.E. belongs to the right side of God, and S.H.E. counts the largest number of acolytes. Clarity, health, regeneration, and sanctification prove H.E.R. strong suits. The death S.H.E. bestows reminds us that not all expiration implies pain not unlike that of silent lucidity (often in old age) and a fulfilled heart. La Blanca and La Negra oppose one another in major workings.
  • Whereas La Roja (the red) dawns a robe affiliated with the mundane world and the blood. Monetary affairs, matters of love and sex, the law in all its forms, and employment, career, budget, and finance all fall under H.E.R. jurisdiction. S.H.E. symbolizes the Harlequin sorceress persistently adept at the manipulation of love magics often returning lost loves including bringing families back together. Although H.E.R. power in the justice system is legendary, winning cases for H.E.R. favorited followers. The death S.H.E. bestows tends to emulate the color of H.E.R. robe in what is spilled on H.E.R. account.
  • La Negra (black robe), however, signifies the sharpest and most troublesome of the symbiotic sorority. S.H.E. gains fear from many entities on the darker edge of the astral and aetheral realms, but just as they fear H.E.R. they will also respond to H.E.R. commands. Beware of H.E.R. vengeance. Nature does not do ethics or morality. Death signals nature in its extremity. Contagions, pathogens, and other viruses fall under H.E.R. realm. The question often comes up does Santisima play angel of death only at the whim of God or does S.H.E. use H.E.R. prowess to influence the Crown of the Divine or does S.H.E. just go ahead and fly by the seat of H.E.R. pants harvesting her bounty?
  • Along with possessing three robes, Santisima Muerte goes by several Mexican nicknames such as La Flaca (the Skinny), La Huesuda (the Boney), La Niña (the Girl), La Madrina (the Godmother), and Santa Muerte (“Saint” Death)

188 = without the darkness there can be no light hang on these words integrity has never changed [GoN]

Mad Queen: Here is my personal devotion

Prayer to the Holy Death

Oh desired death of my heart!
You know the darkness of my heart and accept me.
Oh sweet accomplice and protectoress of lost souls
Shield me from my enemies, season my life with sweetness.
You who have dominion over all living things, do not forsake me!
In the temple of your arms I will lay me down.
Oh desired death of my heart, I place my faith in thee

262 = it is our will to overcome repeated financial failure and succeed in this world of unknown material assets and the treasured past tense [GoN]

It should seem readily apparent that we plan to use many different methods in our Dia de los Muertos working including Ouranian Barbaric, the Gematria of Nothing, and the many faces of Saint Death, but we also plan on using a linking sigil, a punctuality servitor, and an orbiting chaosatellite as well as our focal point for the night, our Gate of 9 which was an original piece of artwork commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Orange from Barry Lent Devil's Design based off a 3-dimensional version of Yggdrasil. You can find more work with the Gate of 9 in the personal Chaosorcery section of my microsite under the heading for katalepsis work with the Gate of 9.


172 = we shall return our beloved dead to their place of rest, my heart misses yours, and honor those without one to speak on their behalf [GoN]

At the bottom of the page rests the Gate of 9 which we plan to work with as our focal point for the evening along with our Spirit Jar from Amadhi Riverwolf, a Palo from up north (composed of items our ancestors, including my mentor, asked for by name via Amadhi tuning in to their frequency and getting flooded with responses as to their desired components; everything from volcanic ash, to graveyard dirt, to animal teeth and more) as well as our newly inherited wooden Chaosphere that we intend on using as the night's Merkabah carrying our SOI far beyond the reaches of the ordinary space-time continuum out into shadow time existing orthogonal to pseudo-time. This represents one of the basic formulas of the Chaos Magic Theory paradigm. To quote:

"The CMT paradigm states that the wave functions are actually a mathematical description of etheric patterns and that this ether can be considered as a form of information exchange between material events operating over the minimum quantum of time, the Planck time, and furthermore that the etheric dimension should be considered as somehow orthogonal to the ordinary (pseudo) time dimensions of classical relativistic descriptions. This is represented graphically in figure 1."

"Thus quantum wave functions do not directly describe the actual behavior of classical relativistic mechanical events. They describe the probabilistic effects of ether patterns, which can be considered of as a kind of shadow substance, upon the progress of material events. Quantum and relativistic theories can be integrated at that small expense of assuming that if wave functions have an effect on particles then they must consist of something that is somehow real. This the CMT universe can be thought of as the intersection of two realms, the classical relativistic realm with its space, time, mass, and energy and the quantum realm consisting of probabilistic ether patterns in shadow time." ---Peter Carroll, Liber Kaos

= A.T.W.A., our love, All The Way Alive represents the fullest body of work in humankind roots. The Tao that signifies our return to the Feral Light and our basking in its balanced glow [GoN]

The Gate of 9 - "Alchemical Yggdrasil"


Strange things arise in the smoke on Sunday (All Soul's Morn) circa 2AM EST


Orange family crest


The F150 bed ancestral altar


Orbs around the F150 bed altar Saturday (All Saints Night) circa 11 PM EST


Orb shower


For next year's celebration, visit Dia de los Muertos 2015



Nothing has Being

Everything has Value


Dia de los Activos Muertas

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The Gate of 9

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