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Superfluous Randomosity

Hello, please, and thank you, visitors from far off dimensions. We welcome you to our Informational page. We hope you enjoy your stay. Read on...

Gratuitous use of Internet


Z(enseider)Z on the charts

We've remained in the top 5 slot on's local charts for over 3 years now and we intend to keep it that way. We currently have over one thousand fans.

Like us, fan us, keep us climbing the charts!


As of AUG 9th 2018 we lie at the #1 spot in Manahawkin NJ's "Experimental" genre.

Warning: Musickal Psi-Hazard!

Penetrate these performances at your own peril as we, the meme-bearers and maintainers of, accept no liability for any alleged symptoms of psycho-somatic disturbance nor claim responsibility for respective suits that our canorous content resulted in the overload of vestibuloocular reflexes. Furthermore, we deny spurious claims of "immediate psychic corruption" listeners may have reported experiencing as a result of exposing themselves to our arsenal of sound concentrations.

By legal authority, we deny the validity of claims that our products represent something 'dangerous' and furthermore, admit no such viable, or even tenuous, connection between supposed delta-wave disruptions, fabricated by some of Zenseider's more emotionally unstable end-users, and the unclassifiable sonic emanations of waveform distortion that comprise much of the media on our most recent albums. The unborn are particularly susceptible according leading RIAA research teams.

For our full statement of public trust visit our warning page.

Z(enseider)Z collaborative efforts

Your Kind Appreciation

These synchropathological recurrences of cognitive dissidence get broadcast to you by the Zenwalker Seiderkin network's Node Exchange and Regional Directory of Sponsors (N.E.R.D.S.), the Zeememes For More Obedient Servitors foundation (Z-MOS) as well as grants from our Department Of Peripheral Epiphenomenon (D.O.P.E.) and proceeds from the Memetic Journal of Nescience and Dissection (M.J.N.D.) annual webzine.

We fully appreciate the support that our fans and the outer headz have given us over the years. We truly do. We want whoever reads this to know that, even though we may run the occasional pledge drive, you don't need any special event to lend your support to our cause. Simply follow the URL to our D.O.P.E. donate page, have a read of our propaganda, click the donate button, and add your funds to our D.O.P.E. trust by sending your paypal donation to a 'friend' as opposed to 'pay an invoice'.

the Octarine Hand syndicate

Intrusions on reality

      Utmost Importance

  • Please Donate to our D.O.P.E. research
  • Psi-hazard Warning and Pre-Natal Advisory (wip)
  • Newly formulated Zitemap and Avviliates program linkage

      Seasonal Events

      Meme-Bearers & Metastasis

      Musick & Movies (MP3s & MP4s)

  • Thee mighty Gen-Z represents Capeditiea and Eian O
  • Thee undeniable ZLKNF @
  • Thee ineffable DZIADY @
  • Cast your Summoning to great Cthulhu and the GOO
  • Watch or D/L our videos directly off our site

      Art and Design

      Miscellaneous and Malarkey

Afflicted by Affiliation

      These productions brought to you by the gentle people at:

  • Omega Memetics - commercial psi-branding agency
    • (facilitating the impossible for our clients since 2002)
  • Zelathune Zionisk - media distribution services
    • (reaching our tentacles across the globe since 2001)
  • College of Aethyric Sciences - internal arts division
  • Hedge Mage for Hire - Eian Orange's chaosorcery on the market
    • (we don't get paid till you get satiated and well felicitated)
  • World Sigilizers Cartel - sworn enemy of the music industry
    • (not affiliated with any major label in mutual disgust)

Irreligious Neophilia

Under the authority of H.I.S. celestial dominion
Praise H.I.S. name for all eternity

The Original Zees whom maintain the Octarine Hand remain in charge of the legislative and bureaucratic affairs of our borderless representational anarchy known as I.N.I.

Independent Nations of Individuals

Teleportation & Logistics

Included in this documentation we offer the public an insider's glance at our closely guarded mass-marketing strategies and our mo' $ merchandising methodologies.

We expect marginal increases in our reported awareness percentile among:

  • the nudist polyamorous elderly population
  • impotent neo-Pagan spiritualists
  • douchebag Droolids
  • fluffy McLiccans
  • witless Newage housewives
  • and other extraneous fifth aeon occultural WannaZees

Propagandistic Philosoffiti

    Take a moment to review our node disinformational brochure (wip) which provides an in-depth look at the outer slackings of our disorganization, the opprobrious aimlessness of our meme-bearers, and the blatant disregard for hygiene of our leadershiplessness.

        Find out more or less..

  • what we do
  • why we do it
  • who we do it to
  • how we avoid prosecution and
  • when and where we'll get banned next

Visit our WTF?! page for more details

Sufi mystic mafia. Accept us.

removing doubt... one fingernail at a time


In Antithesis To Authority

All written material contained in this requisite textual substantiation of supraliminal transference got precision crafted by your boy, Eian Orange, the undisputed apotheosis of genuine assholes who has more assumed aliases than he does working brain cells at this point in the game.

We appreciate him: for footing the bill for not just the .org, but also the .com and the .net sites. Just type in into your web browser and see what happens. Do the same with .net. That's all thanks to the genius engineering of Eian and co. cautiously moving into this Aeon of Whore Us.

The crazy, incredible magic of DNS resolution!

Anontologically correct

This page sanitized by V-prime for the promotion of your psychic health

I wanna reachout and grab ya

For any inquiries or interests e-mail us
or reconstruct the following lexic sequence by manually typing it into your e-mail client.
E I A N O R A N G E splat Z E N S E I D E R Z debt org




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