Lexic Induction of Liminal Information

          The demarcation separating the pursuit of magick and the province of memetics is commonly dismissed as an avoidable technicality. The Z(enseider)Z Memetic Journal of Nescience and Dissection possesses documentation originally offered in the "Memetic Integration" section of the pilot launch of Neitherational Insubordination --

          These include experiments in auricular R.E.M. conditioning, selective transubstatiation, DMT-induced projections of the astral double, involuntary telestic interception of xeno-dimensional radionic transmissions from the original enigmatic theomorphisms refuged from Yuggoth, reintegration of concentrated intelligence after physical death, the consequences of magnifying sizemic activity through vibratory coordination to manipulate tectonic friction, etc.

          These subjects have been scrutinized thoroughly by Zenseider Zees with peerless memetic skill-sets who've committed countless hours pissing away the funding our contributors so generously invested to produce one dubious theoretical abstention of discerning and logic after another. Their eventual criteria analysis managed to incorporate an emphatically unanimous petition for further testing due to insufficient lab conditions coupled with the possibility of integral contamination.

          More than a decade ago, we anticipated the rapid assimilation of these subjects into the electro-virtual memepool. With the eschaton now immanetized, the primary reason we continue to secure unprecedented margin expansions in our awareness percentile amomgst this commercially viable simulacrum of automated occulturation is the increased willingsness of both callous materialists and oblique transcendentalists to suffer the soporific inanities of their own nauseating tergiversation bias.

          The fact that The Z(enseider)Z Memetic Journal of Nescience and Dissection has been labeled "magick" should not be taken to mean that all the studies cited there are devoid of memetic value. The magick of concentrated intelligence is the very blood upon which this vampiric servitor of a memetic endeavor (latches onto and) siphons vital metabolic life energy from its newly acquired host. However, at this point in time it would be premature to say that the host's essential 'ish has been hi-jacked and processed in any particularly noticeable or unpleasant manner.

          It would be less than cryptic had we chosen to label this entire project (website) as a description of the "magick of concentrated intelligence" -- since, after more than a hundred years, the application of bio-computational zeesemiotics has yet to emerge as a mature memetic discipline. Some sociologists of memetics have come to view the debate over bio-computational zeesemiotics existence as more of a social process than a memetic one.

          Yet, from my perspective the distinction between magick and memetics is not entirely arbitrary. The primary guideline I have used emerges from the debate between bio-computational zeesemiotic agents and their most conscientious critics. Over many decades, these two groups have faced off on the wrestling mat of memetic debate. Both have had to cry "uncle" a few times. Out of this debate has emerged a kind of neutral territory. One one hand, the bio-computational zeesemiotics agents admit that they have yet to establish their theoretical claims. On the other hand, the materialists admit that they are unable to explain away some of the data.

          This process of scrutiny and debate, over many decades, has enabled the memetic endeavor to isolate certain modes of application as deserving of serious attention. Therefore, I feel comfortable including it in the realm of memetics rather than that of magick. However, before we examine the best data applications that bio-computational zeesemiotics has to offer, let us briefly examine relevant background material in the field of zeeology.


Nothing has Being


Everything has Value