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    Zen Seider Zee's fractal approach to Zeeconditioning

An excerpt from Zenseider's Exit Strategy Training tactical guidebook  

          In the privacy of our consciousness we find solace in adding beauty and depth to our worlds. We set out to find a harmonious integrity of purpose as we grow aware of ourselves as creatures of habit. Indeed it's entirely possible that we exist, in simplest terms, as a series of (meaningless) chemical reactions which form a repetitive chain of unconscious habits even though we imagine the world at large as existing so far beyond the scope of our tiny biological habitat that we assume we have no affect on it. We've found that the apparent simplicity of our lives conceals an entire universe of complex cycles and lifeforms and energies.

          We endeavor to discover the Original Zen Seider craft with the monastic mindset fixed instead on society and culture as our retreat and our mode of operation. Pay particular attention to how much time you spend performing a given routine. Every meticulous aspect of our lives deserves a moment of intimate reverence, but they must not turn to mild obsessions. Not to spend too much time on any one thing. Don't stare in the mirror too long or take too long to decide what to wear.

          It is common for Z.E.S.T. students to mutter prayers before every meticulous aspect of their lives, but to do it in a very timely fashion. The Zen Seider emerged from a confused antimonian PoMo environment as a current of neoclassical thought and guerrilla ontology. Quite literally we took a massive, steaming dump on the "bleeding-edge" aeonicists and compartmentalists of the day. And having survived the eschaton with all fingers, toes, and other important extremities in tact puts us at a huge adavantage to the rest of the occultural elite in terms of the misdirection of consensual belief toward the contrivance and subsequent disturbance of the Spectacle and its holographic continuum. If an individual engages every meticulous aspect with reverence and devotion to the cooperative network of the Other as well as Self there is harmonious integrity in our worlds.

          In everything we do grace, precision, style, and light exists not simply as byproducts of a discipline, but as a reverent approach to every meticulous aspect of our lives. The manner in which we sleep, dream, and awaken. What we're sleeping on and what surrounds us while we slumber. How we prepare and consume our breakfast. What we eat. What we're using to cook with. How we greet any animals, insects, rodents, or plant life. How we treat those we reside with whether they be asleep or about. With courtesy, an open window, and unobstructed sunshine. How we bathe or shower. The products we use. How we brush our teeth. How we brush our tongue. How we rinse, floss, or pick. Shave or deodorize. Relieve ourselves. Remove that waste from our abode. No act is too small and nothing is left in the realm of insignificance.


(off-zite syndication prepared by Eian Orange circa 2006)




Nothing has Being

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