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A collusive interdiction of Zeesemiotics (part 2)

The immunomemetic effects of Zeememe Clusterphilia on non-Zee meme-aliens  

The advent of Subscription Elitism in response to memoid invasion

          Upon closer inspection, the pipeline on non-Zee meme-aliens, in regards to solipsistic matters (i.e. macrocosmic inquiries), seems far more inconsistent and inconclusive than surfacial observation might suggest. Where non-Zee meme-aliens emerge as the subject of their own empirical subsistence, it would appear that these casualties of cultural conditioning negotitate with an unusually taut Gordian knot separating irrefutable knowledge of deity from gross ignorance of reality.3

          Consider the sudden introduction of the Subscription Egalitarianism act: beyond a shadow of a doubt it represented a trivial decision on the part of Zee-list moderators who made the woefully misguided assumption that trough-fed non-Zee meme-aliens could co-exist with nodes upon nodes full of seasoned psychonauts and orthodox chaotes without disturbing the delicate dysfunctionality of the hive.

          As a matter of public record we must allege that Zee-list moderators sought to willfully and recklessly endanger the diminutive psyches of unknown dozens of barely conscious Wannazees populating the subscription quene.

          Corroborating evidence tends to support this allegation as archival documentation illustrates in vivid detail just how quickly Zee-list moderators altered their cordial demeanor toward Newzees and stripped their administrative lackeys of subscription approval permissions immediately following the first series of widespread e-mailbombings.

          Even a glue-huffing memetard can grok the supernal semiotic irony of the inadvertent popularity campagin led by the failed Subscription Egalitarianism incident to help Wannazees gain sub-occultural reknown as "Cray Zees" when it seems readily apparent that Zee-list moderators embody the truly "crazy" ones (for challenging the predictability of non-Zee meme-alien behavior) not the unwitting would-zee subscriber base.

Intimate similarities between disparate Internet communities

          In reponse to the stunning incompetence of the Subscription Egalitarianism act, Z(enseider)Z counter-propounded the Subscription Elitism act to denounce the enforcement of so-called "affirmative approval" policies spearheaded by squid-gerbiling adminstrative lackeys with their Culpable Couture futon fatigues and their smug fucking "it's all good" attitudes4 consequently all too stupid to realize that the mandate of "affirmative approval" is a guarded political maneuver used to conceal reverse discrimination through memetic profiling5 tactics.

          In an effort to restore relative functionality to the memepool facilities and prevent Zeememekind from rekindling an interest in such tedious ethical codes, Z(enseider)Z has invested considerable time and energy6 coordinating the assembly of an impartial Subscription Assessment sub-committee on oversight.

          As the newest branch-consortium in our Human Resources department, Subscription Assessment exists to stabilize zee-list subscription standards and thereby establish transpersonal co-meme exchange programs and sigil trade partnerships7 between Pseudozees and ephemeral proxy sponsors employed by the z0s collective to implement "abrogative approval" policy quota.

          Our research on non-Zee meme-aliens under the influence of Zeememe Clusterphilia assists us immensely, as ambitious Zees, in our efforts to exploit the spiritual vulnerability and financial generosity of these oblivious memetards.

          If we dilate the clenched sphincter of conventional evolutionary parameters8 a thorough probing should reveal that Zees too are meme-aliens at a fundamental level. Theoretical similarities exist between Zees and non-Zees wherever their mutually inclusive lifestyles of deviant textuality cross-connect and reconcile themselves as part of the involuntary exchange of unconscious signals inherent to the gnosis leeching methodology of subtle energy transfer9 activities.

          This underlying congruency of sub-species phylogeny urges us to confront some of the more substantially troubling issues which apply to our understanding of the binary nature of meme relational complexes i.e. the decoding of generative connotation and the encoding of commutative denotation. Zeesemiotics implies that communicability (in the naturally-occuring form of the phrase, not simply as an meme-allergen tolerance or a replication strategy) illustrates a decidedly zeememetic phenomenom, as opposed to just an animemetic one.

          Consequently: how do we measure the communicability of a given strain of viral memetic sequences? Where does it enter and initially interact with the brain? What elicit the neurological mechanisms involved in its replication?

The proto-occultural affectations of oztracization and zeepartheid

          The socio-occultural influence of Zeememe Clusterphilia on non-Zee meme-aliens seems, to say the least, a rather elusive and impractical area of inquiry. The vast multitude of studies conducted by third-party research outfits tend to epitomize the utterly convoluted histrionic farce that has grown into the despicable representational consensus for epimemetic zeevolution, in other words -- stealing a lyric penned in napkin vomit by Neil Young -- "it's better to burn out than fade away".

          The itinerant, shadowy, reputedly nefarious disposition of Zeememe Clusterphiles begs the question: who personify Zees? How can we identify them?

          At the time of writing, "Zee" represents a much larger population demographic than it did throughout the previous series of list-server migrations. "Zee" now also applies to near-illiterate autobloggers, newage-polluted gothpunks, recently enfranchized eskimo and bushmen, socially-alienated autismemes, etc.

          At the tail end of the preceeding aeon, "Zee" accounted for an extremely marginal cross-section of the sub-occultural coterie. However, in the last five years we've paid witness to the accelerated replication of an inconceivably volatile strain of Zeememetic headworms ruthlessly contaminating every last electron on the virtual landscape. To the extent that, Z(enseider)Z current overall market saturation surpasses the cumulative convertible awareness percentile fringes exclusively monopolized by the handful of upper echelon public organizational holdings.

          As a result of this surge in interest in Zeememetics, Z(enseider)Z has inadvertently forged its own unique sub-categorical branches of communal mediaplay and artwork. With its unstoppable syndrome-merger engine the z0s collective has fostered its own avant garde "zee noir" schools of expression including many rare audio-specific sub-genre (e.g. Xeno, Junk and Jizz), experimental collaboratory methodologies, and other hypersexual hand-jobs.

          And as the future envelops the leaf-blower emissions of the present and further e-migrations continue, "Zee" will grow to include more and more groups of desperately unaware non-Zees. The steady invasion of unwanted memetards has already begun taking its toll on Zeememe Clusterphilia in places such as EmergenZ (a.k.a. Nu Zeeland) where the free for all exodus has reached such exaggerated proportions that the legacy of Orginal Zees has all but disappeared off the scene.

          And understandably so, given the current disproportionate signal to noise ratio at the unending dinner party. While the remaining veteran zee-list squatters find themselves embroiled in an ongoing conflict with pseudo-replicant paper tigers over the spatial fragmentation of proprietary interests. The vestigial lords of Zee are attempting to prevent the abolition of feudal tenure by non-Zee vessels and kweefs whose only concern in this dispute stems from the territorial subinfeudation of the list-server and its domain name.

The meme-alien tenement ordinance and e-list naturalization

          The so-called meme-alien Tenement Ordinance allows hapless Wannazee memetards the oppurtunity to infiltrate the Zeegregore with virtual immunity in addition to offering Newzees and Pseudozees (chumps, goofballs, bozos, etc.) inalienable rights to flourish on-list unflamed. These represent privleges that Original Zees (see: the Chaotaliban's exegesis on Netiquette for further information) themselves weren't entitled to and that even the fluffiest half-a-muggle of a moderator wouldn't sanction for a vast surplus of donated paypal funds.

          The overwhelming horseshitiness of this recent amendment prompted Z(enseider)Z to erect the unseen domiciliation of Nusumeria as a psyberefuge for surviving meme-bearers10 and other memes in exile.

          Although this matter would seem wholly inconsequential, as it pertains solely to non-Zee meme-aliens who share memetic proximity to Zeememes, it does push the envelope above and beyond the scope of ordinary irreligious neophilia.

          In the course of surveying this no-memes territory we are threatening to misappropriate the aforementioned connection between Zees and non-Zees.

          Segregation rarely seems a pleasant issue, but this just does not fit with your grandmemes elitism. By nature Zeememes seem hardwired to resist co-identification with memes who do get on the "zee" side. In this instance the issue becomes Original Zees and all other non-Zee meme-aliens. At some point the issue will begin broadening its scope; with the steadily deflating hyphenation of the hazing-by-flaming process; and soon we'll talk about Newzees and all other meme-aliens.

          This may seem a trite and almost laughable matter, but judging by the rapid inclusion of hapless memetards on EmergenZ (Nu Zeeland), an e-group which claims a census of approximately one Zeememe to every fifty or so hapless memetards, it seems as though standards for Zeememe-bearership will continue to decline and eventually dissipate into complete non-existence.

          Because of the disproportionate ratio of Zeememes to non-Zee meme-aliens, many Zeememes may even hold the non-Zees in higher regard than their fellow Zees because of the naivety factor which plays its part in sustaining the Zeememe lifestyle. The Zeememe (or 'meme-o-zee') realizes that there exists no such thing as a sheep in wolf's clothing11 who preys upon the strong.

The sub-occultural fortitude of Zeememe Clusterphilia

          Whether it acts beneficial to the longevity of Zeememe Clusterphilia or not, auto-toxic sequences like the meme-alien tenement ordinance or the much popularized memetard Welfare Act will continue to infect privatized domains populated by Zees. Yet those domains that quaruntine the spread of such inalienable rights will find themselves persectued by anti-Zeememe extremeists for amoral, elitist, or even UTist behavior.

          The zee-list has withstood perenial mailbombings and other assortments of attacks from maladjusted non-Zees, nocturnal rectal invasion by phony phantom collectives, e-mail-happy persona mongers, corn-bred Mormon autobots and assorted other religio-fanatical whackjobs, etc. Perhaps, it seems no coincidence that e-groups such as the meme liberation front or anti-Zeememes for a safe Internet thrive in today's politically correct virtual environment.

          With the exception of instances when scandal and controversy get employed in a sloppy attempt to magnify newzmedia coverage of Zeememe Clusterphilia, anti-Zee groups consistnetly fail to attract Zeememes into their ranks. Even the handful of excomemecated Zees refuse to reside amongst their scum. Inevitably non-zee counter-anti-zees show up in numbers trying to leech their way into the sub-occulture not unlike whitebread suburbougousie teen angst emulating inner city neighborhood fashion and function.

          Newzees and Wannazees alike fail to make the connection between their own social problems in the context of a Zeememe-oriented world and the inherent lack of social graces amongst non-Zee anti-Zees and non-Zee counter-anti-Zees in the context a non-Zee-oriented world who have geared their lives around some remote autonomous electronic sub-occulture.

          Which scenario proves more pathetic than the others: those who seek to join Zeememe Clusterphilia from the sidelines, those who seek to destroy it from the outside, or those who seek to impede its destruction from some unknown self-congratulatory porta-potty on a pedestal somewheres?


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