A collusive interdiction 1
historical prologue, differential analysis

A collusive interdiction 2
invasion of pseudo-replicants

Appendix of Footnotes
retro-affective belief anchors


Applied Zeememetics
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Exit strategy training & tactical seidwork

An introductory e-say on Zeeconditioing

A collusive interdiction of Zeesemiotics (part 3) appendix

The immunomemetic effects of Zeememe Clusterphilia on non-Zee meme-aliens  

Zeesemiotics footnotes from page 1

  1 Fund-raising methods vary, but our latest reports indicate that Eian fulfilled his quota for the next six months exclusively by (romantically) liquidating the soft-assets of hot gas-mask hags for cold hard cash

  2 Epistemiology - The study of infectious knowledge. [from epistem(ology + epid)emiology] (neologism due to Duane Hewitt.)

Zeesemiotics footnotes from page 2

3   (not yet available)

4   It ain't "all good", layzees and gentlememes, it ain't even close. And quite frankly Z(enseider)Z has no more space available for sheltered optimism desperate to channel itself through any futile fucking coping mechanism that's conveniently conducive.

5   Reverse memetic profiling for instance, confusing the Latter Satanic Dervish with any other non-Chaote Left-Hand Pathers -- e.g. Luciferians, LaVeyans, Crowleyites, Setians, Azazelites, Posuerites, Cryforattentionites, et al.)

6   i.e. Eian's infamous 37 minute attention defecit dissertation sometimes known as the countdown as it includes the consumption of 6 espressos, 5 cigarettes, 4 bars, 3 bumps, 2 blunts and at least 1 hypno-climactic use of the phrase "if it don't make dollars then it don't make sense")

7   The meme exchange and sigil trade initiative is known as the More Meat Meets for a Philthier Phewture program. Hopefully we'll avoid the mindless inanities that dreamt up something as pointless as the Zeebox.

8   Evolutionary parameters correspond to four dinstinct factors or forces: e-migration and psychogeographic isolation, supernatural election, memetic drift, and xenomorphic mutation.

9   Subtle energy transfer is a common practice amongst Zees where it is known as bait and tackle flaming; a situational form of reverse psychological instigation.

10   Nusumerian psyberefuge (and military planning HQ) for surviving meme-bearers which includes a co-erotic dormitory for alumnists on either, both, or neither sexualities of the siblingdom.

11   A sheep in wolf's clothing i.e. a multi-persona weilding memetard who can uphold the entire topical spectrum of memetic parlay on-list without botching the illusion of multiplicity by calling attention to their tells.)


Compiled and codified by Eian Orange  

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