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    Z(enseider)Z exclusive Join My Cult! press release

2004-10-24   The document unleashed: Zhi Meiyou Mama  

          Barnstorming memetic monstrosity James Curcio, a self-proclaimed Auricular Sigilization Specialist from the now defunct L.A. based post-rock act Babalon, and Simulacra Engineer proficient in the composition of Artificial Astral Enviornments, makes his presence known freesmithing Lexically Idiotheosized Enantiodromian Semantics with a debut pot-boiler entitled Join My Cult! released through our friends at New Falcon Publications an Arizona based counter-culture copyhouse which also distributes the writings of Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt.

          The 2004 Viral Introduction of Teleological Reality-Inimical Ortholexic Logoplasms will also set into motion a parallel campaign of unrelenting and indiscriminately obdurate paradigmatic contamination of the psyber-chaosecular public sector backed by such guerilla ontologists as the M.H.B., the O.H.P., and the Z(enseider)Z whose entourage typically consists of a few dozen Azpirants, Neoseiderz, and Grope-e'z who're fooly capable of demolishing the consensual belief structure and exhausting the insatiable urge for libidnal discharge out of every teen, twenty something, and aging soccer-milf in a six-block radius.

          Join My Cult! details the subtle and the dense aetheric narratives resonating from a psycho-connective series of hallucinitiatory processes undertaken by a loose gaggle of Theriomorphs In Training who somehow manage to find themselves simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by the seemingly inescapeable cultural inertia which spreads across the ever-franchizing McMansion sprawls of Suburban America.

          Their shared impulse for societal anathema compels them to form an unspoken pact dedicated to exploration of the Western Esoteric Anglogos of Knowledge as well as experimentation with Sexual Taboo Dissolution, Nothing but Raw Gnosis (a vulgar form of the bare-hands approach to magick), Inebriated Transubstantiation, and Straight Learning to Use Tricks or what Iceberg Slim describes as "acquaintin your foot with a bitch's ass".

          Although James Curcio receives credit as the primary author, a diverse cluster of Zeetropian Neo-Luddites actually wrote and compiled this text in the fashion of a tree-spiker's birling with Curcio ontop where he belongs as the head of Join My Cult!'s militant culture-jamming Voltron. The co-conspirators, collaborators, and black market investors of this text, adhere to the belief that this project does not, in any way shape or form, represent a work of fiction.

Join My Cult! reviews and testimonials:

"Did I read Join My Cult!? Or was it just a strange and wonderful dream? James Curcio has created a lunatic narrative that haunts and teases with the promise of revelations to come. Open this book only if you are prepared for a reality-wrenching journey into the secrets of the Invisible Masters."
--- Philip H. Farber, author of FutureRitual: Magick for the 21st Century

"Join My Cult! reads like a stroboscopic MTV docu-drama of Ulysses and Illuminatus!"
--- Peter Carroll, author of PsyberMagick, Liber Null & Psychonaut and Liber Kaos

"A progressive fictional universe created by a wickedly talented NY scribe... and this time across MANY mediums. Philip K Dick might have company someday... Maybe it's another chance to get in on the ground floor of something truly cool ! [?]"
--- Brooke Burgess, Creator of the epic multimedia saga Broken Saints

"The slick site for James Curcio's occulture novel Join My Cult! offers a multimedia exploration of characters, essays, journal entries and soundscapes. With a nod to Robert Anton Wilson and the chaos magick school, Curcio offers his insights on Tantra, Babalon and the Parzival mythos"
--- website review

"James Curcio has one hand on Pandora's box and the key to open it in the other. Join My Cult! is an invitation to chaos, treading the thinly veiled landscape between madness and genius. Once you make the trip, there is no turning back."
--- Devon White, certified hypnotist and founder of Synergy Media Network & LIAR magazine

"An adventure in Extreme Living. Tie yourself securely in the chair -- the power is about to be turned on. Become who you are, there are no guaruntees."
--- Dr. Christopher Hyatt, author of The Psychopaths Bible, the Black Books, Undoing Yourself, and many more

"You know that book you're always threatening to write? One day you find it. Now, the rub comes. The author did a much better job of handling the subject matter than you ever would have, leaning into it at angles that don't exists in your universe. Don't get angry, don't be jealous, that would make a poor sport. James, I tap your gloves for Join My Cult!. Excellent boxing."
--- Joseph Mattheny, a hypermediast responsible for Ong's Hat, Game Over?, Gait's Ark and other notable infections

"Join My Cult! is a clever, insightful and daring adventure into the surreal depths of the subconscious mind, and, if you'll forgive the pun, it has all the makings of a cult classic."
--- Psyche, webmaster of the popular occult book review site Spiral Nature

"Join My Cult! is the product of a sick mind. Where many novels point out the synthetic existence most people choose, Join My Cult! made me look at these festering parts of myself. When I finished the book, I immediately reread the beginning to better appreciate how full tweaked James' twisted reality, and in the process, my consciousness."
--- Ben Mack, author of Poker Without Cards.

"A very thought provoking and unusual book, Join My Cult! twists emotions and provides an uncanny, yet quirky insight into cult sociology and cultural immersion, as well as a study in progressive insanity. This is not a book to read while distracted, by the way. Take it aside and find a quiet room and devote a few hours to it each time you pick it up. It will be worth the study and the absorption required. Once you figure the story's direction, you will love where it takes you with its surrealistic persuasions and philosophical themes."
--- Jewels Marcel, JIVE magazine.

"I found Join My Cult! a difficult book to get started with. Curcio throws us headlong into an environment that challenges traditional ideas of timelines and character development... This is a book to be savored, to puzzle over, to re-read, and on which to meditate. After much effort and knashing of teeth, I've concluded the effort is worth it. This has the potential to expand current concepts of 'books' as individual artforms. There is plenty in here to nitpick: at times it seems like Illuminatus as done by the writers and cast of Dawson's Creek. One hopes Curcio will one day develop a more terse style. Or perhaps not. In any case this is a terrific book with an ambitious and mostly realized premise."
--- Brian Shields, Broadcast Journalist (Ch. 4, KRON-TV in San Francisco).

"Join My Cult! will surely baffle many readers and annoy others, but it should nevertheless be standard reading for anyone questioning the world they've been told is real when their experiences plainly contradict it. Consume it like a drug or a hypersigil. Just take it in, don't get too caught up in finding patterns, and let it seep into your blood and work its magick.
--- Chris (LVX23) Arkenberg, of to read the full review visit this link

"If you don't buy this book you probably won't have sex ever again"
--- eianorange, co-founder of the Z(enseider)Z and bonafide hustler

About the Author:

When James Curcio isn't blatantly propositioning underage goth chicks at fast food joints, he poses as the creative director of a number of media companies and projects. He is currently working on developing Fas Ferox, a multimedia graphic novel project with a team of artists including creative consultant multi-award winning novelist Neil Gaiman. He resides in Upstate New York when he isn't traveling.




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