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A collusive interdiction of Zeesemiotics (part 1)

The immunomemetic effects of Zeememe Clusterphilia on non-Zee meme-aliens  

Original Zees, the self-sustaining Zeegregore, and Zed

          The existence of zeesemiotics has eluded the inboxes of the unsubscribed for over two decades now. At some point during the mid-90's they who will get referred to only as the Original Zees not-so-formally launched the Z(cluster) e-mail list or "zee-list" into the public webosphere as a departure from one of its former incarnations as a large private CC list.

          The sole defining qualities; the preternatural etiquette, the synchropathological transpersonal intelligence, even the all too inevitable noise, drama, and flaming; cast into the virtual realm by those Original Zees represents both the prolific symbiosis of and the decisive manifest for this consequential preoccupation with zeesemiotics.

          In the frighteningly relevant words of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi: "Copiers do not collaborate. Because of this, originality consists in returning to the origin."

          Such as the case with most pre-teens, zeesemiotics (by virtue of its age) displays an everpresent urge to emulate cartoon violence in real time (Jackassing), run at the mouth like a monkey on acid (Freestyling), and mainline heroic doses of sugar in the form of breakfast cereals and toaster pastries from sunrise to sunset (Technophiles). Readers should remain advised that they must acclimate to the assault of absurdity of their own accord.

          We predict that through the continued de-codification of meta-linguistic connotation humans will find themselves destined to design a complex bio-mechanical interface where meme and machine will transfuse consciousness.

          On a somewhat lesser scale, the term "zeememeosis" takes the delicate approach in explaining the replication of memetic sequences through human comprehension of non-linguistic significations of structural modality expressed as a variable replacement for syntax and semantics.

Zeemulation and the disparaging flattery of imitative perpetration

          With the release of Z(enseider)Z Memetic Journal of Nescience and Dissection (and all the formal experimentation conducted in the process of compiling it) we've been receiving a wide variety of responses from our subscriber base and focus groups detailing their layzee reactions to all the varying psyche-affective research programs they participated in throughout the 28 month course of our laboratory treatments, library studies, and lavatory sessions.

          The leading percentage of subscriber responses indicate strong tendencies toward some sort of awkward fascination accompanied by numerous complaints of acute discomfort in the center of the brow (in a few cases the pituitary gland was mentioned by name), the sort of awkward fascination which manifests as a series of remarkable percentile escalations involving demographically significant cumulative interest in our productions, performances, paraphernalia, publicity stunts, passion projects, and profit margins.

          By focusing and magnifying the occultural lens it becomes clear that most of what passes itself off for zeesemiotics amounts to little more than a faint signal disruption from last month's "in" strain of co-memetic headworms contracted by hapless millions through prolonged exposure to mainstream adviriitizing.

          All cookie-cutter magick-by-numbers imitations aside, Z(enseider)Z core proposes to prohibit public perusal of its propaganda pamphlets, proselytism posters, and promotional plugs to protect its privacy by restricting the availability and distribution of its source materials.

          In most cases where petty paedomorphic protagonist Wannazees profess to have uncovered some diggity-dank nugget of Enseider information, it almost invariably originates from the least credible sources imaginable. The usual suspects: bombastic neo-Cluster rejects, passive-aggressive armchair anarchists, narcoleptic Newage know-it-alls, shit sucking Cinderella story Setians, and the assorted remnants of bogus data trails left behind by rogue agents of the z0s collective in an effort to divert attention away from the Phew and Pham.

          Fabrications of the aforementioned sort often include obvious buzz-blunder grammatical inflections and errors in usage of urban slang, obscure jargon, and off-list vagary. Mistaking a single local node for a continental network tends to happen most frequently when malicious acts of defamation are the cause of such sloppy mimicry. The deeply esoteric underbelly of Z(enseider)Z materialproves reliably difficult to locate and comprehend and finds itself purposefully designed with a small audience in mind.

          Our aggregate of authors intend to deter those who wish to see inside the siblinghood, and to mislead those who would persecute the Octarine Hand of z0s.

The cross-collateralization of hazardous materials byproducts

          A decade does not seem a very long time for an epimemetic plague such as zeememe clusterphilia to extend its tentacles across the globe, but it has, and furthermore, as many readers well know the rapid wide-spread infection of Original Zee memes, externally from zeesemiotics, is entirely free from the muggle-fluff appeal that so many generic Newagers and wonky Neopagans seem instinctively attracted to.

          To the contrary, Original Zees have faced eager dismissal from their goo-gargling guru-groupie goddessite contemporaries and thankfully so. As the meme flourishes in anonymity we pay witness to the supernal embrassment that exemplifies early 21st century pop-esoterica in the form of "Occulture Absolved".

          By that logic, a delicate fascination with zeesemiotics as a discipline appears entirely overstandable, but the finely tuned instrument of chaos seems prone to delete your voicemails and pretend the call never went through.

          This developing transcultural attention increase --not just in zeesemiotics, but the entire field of socio-occultural meme-alien demography-- implies a drastic expansion out into larger independent and mainstream markets. It also suggests that the ever-increasing hyperbullocks of overall theatricality present in this dismembered body of self-indulgent banalities represents something of a commodity.

          At last, following a decade of naive biases, these subjects have evoked the curiosity of clinical researchers who find themselves involved in the study of irreparable psychical fixations (e.g. the most recent advancements in immunoepimemetic innoculants) and the development of radically unconventional memetoxin delivery systems which ensure the precise execution of 'macrocosmic' infection strategies.

Marketability's muscle amongst mogul-mongering money memes

          Up until Z(enseider)Z began fund-raising1 for its Department Of Peripheral Epiphenomena to conduct formal research, it seems the majority of information compiled to that point on non-Zee meme-aliens consisted of rather clumsy, vague, deliberately 'microcosmic' source materials containing one thoroughly near-sighted presentation of inferential analysis after another.

          Take pancritical rationalism for instance, its primary curiosity surveys the biological predispositions, chemical cravings, and libidnal motivations of memetards in the unaware comfort of their indigenous habitat. Or examine post-modern epistemiology2 which delves into meme-alien habits as they develop into elongated sequences and more complex co-memes or attenuated vaccimes.

          Similarly, examine the commercial pedestrianization of the Internet and its vast array of electronic mediums such as e-lists, chatwares, boards, blogs, and other social media forums helping to accommodate hapless clusters of non-Zee meme-aliens in all their unmoderated glory as they succumb to the least common denominator of ontological reductionism which triggers their innate flame or flee response.


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