A collusive interdiction 1
historical prologue, differential analysis

A collusive interdiction 2
invasion of pseudo-replicants

Appendix of Footnotes
retro-affective belief anchors


Applied Zeememetics
Navigational portal

Exit strategy training & tactical seidwork

An introductory e-say on Zeeconditioing

Nescience and Dissection
revolutionizing the world of memetic interplay

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Department Of Peripheral Epiphenomena

The Cultural Zee: their appearance and the experiential phenomena

Zeesemiotics and the Zeememe e-pandemic (at a glance)

  • Zeesmiotics part 1 (historical prologue/differential analysis)
    • Original Zees, the self-sustaining Zeegregore, and Zed
    • Zeemulation and the disparaging flattery of imitative perpetration
    • The cross-collateralization of hazardous materials byproducts
    • Marketability's muscle amongst mogul-mongering money memes
  • Zeesmiotics part 2 (invasion of pseudo-replicants)
    • The advent of Subscription Elitism in response to memoid invasion
    • Intimate similarities between disparate Internet communities
    • The proto-occultural affectations of oztracization and zeepartheid
    • The meme-alien tenement ordinance and e-list naturalization
    • The sub-occultural fortitude of Zeememe Clusterphilia
  • Zeesmiotics part 3 (appendix, retro-affective belief anchors)
    • Accelerated diversions from Pre-determined Linear Observations

Other socio-occultural aspects of Zeememe base-are-belong-to's

  • Applied Zememetics
    • Navigational portal for the e-pandemic of Clusterphilia

  • An introductory E-say on Zeeism by Eian Orange
    • The socio-occultural impact of applied Zeememetics

  • Tactical criteria for Meme-bearership
    • The awe-inspiring bureaucracy of sponsorship

  • Neologism Glozzary and Memetic Lexicon
    • denotative meaning in z0speak and seiderslang

  • Node Exchange and Regional Directory of Sponsors
    • An underground railroad for psyberpunks on the run

  • Department of Peripheral Epiphenomena




Nothing has Being

Everything has Value