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An introductory e-say on Zeeconditioing

    Zeeism (an introductory E-say on Zeeconditioning)

The occultural impact of the Zeememe on post-industrial post-modern societies  


"There is no use in trying," said Alice; "one can't believe impossible things."

"I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the Queen.
"When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

(from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)

          Only one -ism isn't an -ism. Zeeism. How? Too readily dismissed by sociologists. What Subscribers?! Crankfiends, deadbeats, hairy batchles! What threads? Bullshit. Rikki Lakers double-dribblin --- to shrimp by shermheads.

          Has any conclusion to the theory of the -ism been hypothesized? Ask any Americentric McWiccan, who sleeps with dogma under hir mattress at night, the implications of such a thing as a three-fold-law? 95% haven't the slightest clue; the other 5% just repeat what they grok from the dust-cover of some half-contrived Llewellyn publication. There are no permanencies in Zeeism, none of it can be categorized or easily referenced.

          Any vulgar imbeclie can perpetrate the cluster--no e-mail list moderations exist. A G.E.D. is a handicap; that of political correctness a disqualification.

          Does it not make sense that the encrypted text should threaten Subscribers as third-circuit rejects, its moderators as has-been puppets?

          It does make sense.

          There is one node of the Z(cluster) and only one to which these remarks do not apply. It is known as the Z.'. Z.'. -- To all wannazees it prescribes puffin; definite, hard puffin. The same kind of puffin as is asked for of those who would be latter satanic dervishes, masochistic monists ov moism, enumerasciigilists, flame-warriors or even katie's meme-bearers.

          The old-school gnosis droppers must be recognized, not because they are #1, but that the Subscriber may appreciate any and all synchropathic events that have been exchanged, anticipated, deliberated, iconoclastracized, and telempathically retro-activated on-list by Orginal Zees from aeons timebackfoward.

          After some indeterminate amount of posts a spontaneous Initiatory Aggregate is set into motion and the candidate will immediately receive an honorary 11th degree (e.g. the XI° also known as Anal Necro-Rape™)

Here we have the 2045 document.

1.   Type out the principle correspondences of the signs Stop and Yield, any planet in the Zeta-Reticuli, and the klippothic emanation of Tagiriron. Be sure to make note of any internal dispute or feelings of hollowness experienced during this process.

2.   Research all the enumerations for the integer -23 above -9180, and compose a grocery-list of any connection between them within the alpha-numeric cipher for the Gematria of Nothing aka the Qabalah of Ma'at

3.   Research the various memetics applied by the Z.'.Z.'., and exploit these viral-sequences for R.E.M.-intruding audio self-hypnosis sessions with as few pituitary shrivelings as possible.

4.   Give an interpretation of Slaughterhouse 5, "L-V-T-H-N," and the Principia Discordia in terms of the 911 W.T.C. Jihad.

5.   Compose an e-mail re: the mystical meanings surrounding the evil carrots, A Perfect-Circle and the dichotomy between the songs Parabol and Parabola.

6.   Compare the Aeonic models of Parsons and Yuhnke.

7.   Give some account of Infek bin Laden's concept for the H.V.C.W.™

8.   Compare the schlongs of Eian Orange, Pope Mickey XXIII, the Proprietor of the Z(cluster) website, and Frater POV stating which you would prefer and why.

9.   Design a servitor to emancipate the equation 666 = 0.

10.   Formulate a psyber-ritual (complete with SOI's, algorithims, graphic enchantments, etc.) for Immanetizing the Eschaton.

11.   Discuss the difference between Dzog Chen and Black Wesoterica with regard to Yama, stating to which doctrine you incline, and why.

12.   Give either (A.) a free and careless commentary of any five sentence fragments in The Book of Moron, or (B.) a commentary and criticism on "Unit 731: the owners manual" or "The 12 Pineapples of Chaos," or "Thee Device for Dummies"

          This document will probably only be answered at haphazard by those who like to talk about Zeeism and have no idea what they're exposing themselves to. Only adamant Subscribers can hope to fake it till made. One set of replies to this document occupied over 13MB worth of carefully-typed plain-text e-mails.

          Proceed to the next phase. The Subscriber, having replied freely, becomes a Pseudo-Zee. For the length of an entire hasty-posting-cycle she occupies hirself with such signal-to-noise social experimentation as she can think fit--she is left to hir own inebriated delusions of causality--and she must keep a blog of every day's habitual ingestion of foreign substances.

          At the end of the cycle this blog is chastised harshly by the Initiatory Aggregate, and deleted with yesterdays porn-spam. Only constant and gluttonous hard puffin enables the Pseudo-Zee to pass to Newbie.

          Proceed to the next phase. The Newbie for any given linear-time period must work at the acquisition of the coagula et solve for what is called hir "Online Persona" and the "Bardo Tellus." These are no vague terms.

          She is again baited. Numeric sigils are given to hir of such a character that no pharmaceutical narcotic can help to decipher them, and she must feign clairvoyance (or bribe the Initiatory Aggregate) in order give the meaning before she can pass to Zegulator, the next grade.

Here is one of the bait-and-tackle documents set in 2045. There are several other memetic imprints to be genetically enhanced, later on, but this example will suffice.

1.   Go through a web-portal on which is linked this figure and explain the alpha-numeric idiosyncracies of the figure in detail by means of chemognostic hallucinations.

2.   Invoke Nyarlathotep and Samael, and travel via the Blue Bus merkabah till you meet the Archetypal Theriomorph as mentioned on www.deathandhell.com. Report its conversation fully.

3.   Discover by chemognostic hallucinations the elemental nature of the poisonous non-consumables, 2-ct-7, 5-Meo-DIPT, and DMT. How do they differ from the most widely-used nootropic Vasopressin, and the indigenous strains of Amanita, Peyote, and Ayahausca?

4.   Give an account of the Euclidean Geometry involved in the Three realities, The Void, The Veil, and the Tonal.

5.   Visit and describe fully the domain of www.neoism.org

6.   Summon to visible apparition Shub-Niggurath and Hastur, and report their odor, objective desires for placation, and obstinancy toward fruitless sub-human pacts therewith obtained.

          The Zegulator of the Z.'.Z.'. is therefore one who has surpassed transparent bait-and-tackle psy-ops subterfuge, and acquired certain memetic imprints. A poseur cannot pass hirself off as a meme-bearer of that grade. Further there is plenty of room for indiscriminate vagueness to be deemed credible.

          Slipshod work will do just fine. Generalities A-OK. The difficulties of the work are most likely to be evaded; all "fuck everything" attitudes, all intellectual vacuities, are encouraged.

          It is unnecessary to utilize sleight of mind techniques to avert the so-called "psychic censor." From Moonlight Drive to The End the fundamental paradigm is the same. The masters cultivate, and they insist on the pupil growing.

          Is this written to discourage the wannazee? Anyone who is discouraged thereby is unworthy of the gnosis.

          Is it wonderful that the most pirate of all Autonomous Zones, the -ism which above all others has occupied the pre-conscious minds of the Original Zees from the early nineties until today, the meme to which the greatest propagandist would hardly dare to claim that he had added a single slang, should need more puffin, and harder puffin than any other?

          The subtlest of -isms, is it not the most in need of Entheriogenick cocktails? The most dangerous, is it not that which must be quarantined with every shield of frequency disruption, and Xanax, and common sense?

          Does any human expect to learn zig-zag-rollnometry from a high-times magazine in an hour? Does any human throw away an all-pictorial edition of Hustler with the remark that it is "filthy" or "expired its use"?

          What is the cost to 6 billion li(v)es of every acceleration in consciousness? How many humans have harvested that other humans might clone and cultivate? How many li(v)es were lost in the mere instigation of the Fifth Aeon?

          Do you think that you will succeed where Grant half failed, rush in where Spare feared to tread? You may. But not without combining all the available types of drugs you have and are capable of obtaining from your local metropolitan, sub-urban, and/or rural backwood distributors.

          Does this discourage you? Then it is not written in vain.

          Does this encourage you? Then you have reached the first Anathema of Transmogrification. You are chozen. To the node!


          *As a note to the 2045 examination: The Subscriber may consult hir book-marked urls of reference and topical message archives in replying to this document. She should keep in mind that a disjointed, pseudo-cryptic reply written in entirely in lower-case using ambiguously nihilistic overtones of any kind would entitle hir, as far as anti-establishment attitudes are concerned, to that grade of Enseid Awreckt, so that she should not imagine that too much is expected of hir.

          We call our initiatory standards the XI° / IX° for a reason. The resulting process of zeeconditioning involves a salami colonic -like wave of hazing which propels the candidate through a series of obstacles. The candidate's performance must meet or exceed our tactical criteria for sponsorship into the outer rim of z0s (an invisible caravan known as the Blue Bus).


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