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About the Z(enseider)Z



          The mission of the z0s collective seems to preserve the Zee-meme Clusterphilia pandemic and to foster innovation on the Internets.

      Banned on W3

      Due to the results of a rather meticulous evaluation of the content hosted on our servers, we are obligated to alert visitors to the presence of no less than 37 active category-5 viral headworms inhabiting These headworms exhibit behavior capable of, but not limited to symptomatic manifestation in corporeality via:

  • cryptograms disguised as glyphic designs embedded into the mark-up language, script commands, and various elements of the cascading style sheets implemented site-wide.
  • suggestive cues nestled into homegrown media files which plant hypnotic trigger responses into the cordial brainstem where it awaits future activation in an unconscious slumber.
  • sigils, smudge marks, or imprints of other sorts impressed upon all paraphernalia ascertained through the greater limbic faculties of z0s.

      It remains vital to continued user safety that all viewers read and understand the following information before pursuing hyperlinks stationed on this page. Please be advised that these headworms possess the capacity to cause serious complications involving:

  • conflicts in active cortical theta and delta wave rhythms
  • interference of electrochemical impulses
  • obstruction of neural pathway conduits
  • irreversible damage to (vital) neural pathways
  • malfunctions of the brain's speech centers
  • loss of sight, hearing, or motor function
  • sudden anxiety attacks and fits of depression
  • degenerative metastsis of the central nervous system

      Hole Sale Appliances

      Z(enseider)Z and her subsidiary siterhoods of the prattling trollops remain committed to the technical advancement and composite expansion of Thee Device. And to all officially sanctioned workings involved in transubstantiating the K. E. R. which still represents our most sought after ekstasis-conservation modem ever mass marketed.

      Our merchandising department, also known as Tartarus for its general lack of caring for the next fiscal cycle, makes itself available to memes just like you 24 hours a day.


This page has been sanitized by V-prime for the promotion of your psychic health




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