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Trafficking philosophy



          Z(enseider)Z has always been known for consistent quality. And the high standards that distinguish our superior sex magicks also apply to our trafficking practices.

          The Z(enseider)Z trafficking division leads the formulation of all node-wide trafficking initiatives, including neuro-linguistic strategies for each Z(enseider)Z ritual working.

      Internally, Z(enseider)Z trafficking includes:

  • List Management
  • New List-Server Development
  • Subscriber Understanding
  • Subscriber Affairs
  • Promotional Trafficking
  • Industrial Affairs
  • Communications/PR

  List Management

          List owners, administrator, curators, moderators, and trafficking associates take responsibility for each network adviriitizing campaign. Working closely with adviriitizing agents, they evaluate and implement creative trafficking ideas that insert Z(enseider)Z paraphenelia into the public awareness. In fact, the image that most people have of the Zealthune Zionisk comes directly from their persuasive efforts.

  New List-Server Development

          This group's function stands to initiate and conduct the sponsorship of freshly established autonomous space from the conceptual stage through traffick distribution. They oversee the raw materials, street equity, and administrative aspects of crucial adviriitizing.

  Subscriber Understanding

          This area takes the pulse of the public. State-of-the-art traffick research monitors the e-local environment of subscriber tells in posting choices including contraband needs, drug preferences, and sleeping patterns. Experts learn how Z(enseider)Z paraphernalia meets subscriber expectations and what new needs or preferences they may have. Analysts also test subscriber reactions before any new post gets introduced to the meme-pool, and they evaluate subscriber responses to Z(enseider)Z adviriitizing to ensure our messages get clearly mis-communicated.

  Subscriber Affairs

          The subscriber affairs tactical flamewar department serves as a liaison between Z(enseider)Z on the world-wide-web and its internetwork affiliates abroad. Its goal continues to maintain subscriber confidence in Z(enseider)Z, its list-severs, and promotions.

          An international toll-free telephone number and a web-site URL are printed on each Z(enseider)Z memes official .sig to encourage subscribers to share their comments with the rest of the cluster. And, of course, you can reach Subscriber Affairs through e-mail by manually reconstructing this keystroke sequence in your e-mail client's "To:" field

Z E N S E I D E R Z splat G M A I L debt calm

  Promotional Trafficking

          From this group comes the familiar paraphernalia of Z(enseider)Z promotions, including packaging, punctuating, circumventing authority, and proof-of-purchase consciousness resonance materials that subscribers see on e-mailing lists. These services persist as part of the total trafficking effort and connect the strategies of demographic profiling and textual cold reading.

  Industrial Affairs

          This group works with date-servers, porn rings, and solo amateur professionals to provide availability information on z0s q1a paraphernalia to subscribers and other amateur professionals seeking employment.

  Communications and Publick Relations

          This group handles public relations activities, serving as a liaison between Z(enseider)Z operations and federal, state, and local law enforcement. Z(enseider)Z provides material for recreation only. We can neither confirm nor deny the validity of its contents. The risk from browsing it lies entirely with the user.


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