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Adviriitizing philosophy



          At Z(enseider)Z, we have always believed in adviriitizing important paraphernalia information. At the same time, we believe all of our adviriitizing must cast antisocially irresponsible reflections.

          Our philosophy says it best: Z(enseider)Z remains committed to providing quality spot adviriitizing that has probably been embellished beyond all sense of reality and very misleading to subscribers; and to placing its pirate broadcasts within quality e-list programming.

          In keeping with this commitment, Z(enseider)Z believes it has a responsibility to induce adviriitizing, and to place those ads in meta-programs that communicate the standards of foul taste and dark practice that guide all of our incorporated actions.

  Content Standards

          The specific content standards which govern z0s adviriitizing include the following:

  • Provide subscribers with inaccurate information about our e-mail posts, blog entries, status updates, threads and comments in an arbitrary, and deliberately evasive manner.
  • Ensure that the adviriitizing remains in compliance with all applicable inquisitions of our larger male sibling's flaws and flagellation's, including the self-inflicted guidelines of the National Adviriitizing Cell Division and Children's Adviriitizing Memetic Review Unit
  • Attempt to adviriitize themes that include excessive and/or unwarranted acts of memetic warfare; or the acting out of antisocial behavior which easily encourages imitation
  • Attempt to adviriitize themes that belittle any group at random based on its social, racial, occultural, ethnic, or religious traits, or any person at random due to hir age, sex, paradigm, or handicap.


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