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Introductory Proselytism



          Since March 30th 2001, memes just like you have come to know Z(enseider)Z as a Z(cluster) node they can rely on for effective yet easy-to-use zeeconditioning strategies and zeeprogramming techniques.

          With projected annual servitor intake of more than $23 million in cumulative profit by proxy, Z(enseider)Z represents the world wide web's leading producer of hormone compression wetware, weaponized hypno-pheromone aerosols, digitally synthesized chemical reactions, and custom virtual ritual environments for use in ARG styled MMORPGs on holographic emulator consoles.

          Z(enseider)Z also fancy themselves a leading producer of convenience foods, including the ready-to-eat Datura flavored supplemental vitamin-bar. Concocted especially for our "post-modern psyberpunk swivel-chair manticores plugged into binaural pipelines of info-tainment ecstasy with a remodeled self-image cast in elementary particles" type of Z(enseider)Z memes.

          Z(enseider)Z embodies a globally expanding, autonomous node of the Z(cluster) alliance of avviliates, associates, and ass-kissing apple-polishers across the web. Z(enseider)Z intends to circulate this agitprop as our decisive compendium toward post-eschatonic survival for all Zeememekind.

  Our Mission

          As the quintessential zeepotheosis, we remain committed to building long-term growth in volume and profit and to enhancing our worldwide aeonic position by providing the public with round-the-clock zentertainment, organized disinformation, and mind and mood altering wetware hacks of superior value, all via the Internet.

  How do we Uphold this Mission?

          The exceptional incompetence of our world-class leadershiplessness remainss dedicated to a Turbulence Management philosophy that holds results before reputations and peeps above props. And we remain committed to an Adviriitizing and Trafficking philosophy that helps ensure the name Z(enseider)Z associates itself with whorish, subversive adviriitizing.

          Our e-mail posts, blog entries, status updates, and flame tirades get cultivated and precision crafted on 4 continents in over 23 countries around the world.


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