Superfluous Randomosity

Hail! Visitors from far flung firmaments of fury and fire, we welcome you to our Dada data.

-26 -26/-26

We, the Illuminates of Zueselene, declare memetic war on the Spectacle for all its intellectual narcissism in the face of intimidating adversarialism and all its patriarchal pomposity in the face of worthwhile opportunities to better ourselves.

For all its devotion to the hegemonic demons of the 1% conspiracy of financial elite who empower the Constitution Oathbreaking Pawns and Sycophants at the ground level beneath the floorboards of countless courthouses and above the chasis of innumerable squad cars. Behind the walls of the jailhouse cells are the ghastly apparitions of murdered snitches and COs who were hidden there entombed in the concrete during renovations to the wallface.

Theriomorphic Resonance

There shall be no congregation.

Our company's co-operative equanimity

Z-Node-Z: public interfaces of our disorganization

Outseid Influenzes: effluvia from empirical eponyms

the Phine Print: the devil is in the details

Miscellaneous and Malarkey

End-users may contact us via e-mail, FB messenger, Instagram, Discord app, Telegram, et al.

Conditional Clarity of Copy Rites

Although we cater to the likes of all copyleft doctrine we must remind our visitors where our allegiances lie.

We can neither condemn nor condone the consequences of commerce if we want to continue producing art for recreational purposes.

Unless otherwise specified, all forms of material found on embody the rightful property of the meme-bearers and maintainers of for the sole purpose of creative expression and Zentertainment.

Our visual egregore breathes lava when disputes over our branding rights make it to the table. Materials contained herein remain protected by malevolent servitors.

The non-Zee meme alien must seek the express written consent of z0s if they wish to use our materials in commercial events, adverts, or print media.

While our brands may find themselves subject to meme alien modifications or get reproduced and redistributed without our knowledge, any efforts on our part attempting to control it would get wasted.

Instead we've concocted much more subtle restrictions (as only cacophonous chaotes can) which limit the average cadaver's ability to utilize the uproarious Z(enseider)Z names and logos.

Ulterior Fascinations

Also, have a look at our multimedia pages scattered across the triple W at your leisure.


Warning: Audioccult Psi-Hazard!

The meme-bearers of the Great Octarine Siblinghood of the Z.'. Z.'. and the maintainers of deny spurious notions of so-called "mental breakdowns" that listeners have reported as a result of exposing themselves to the arsenal of aural and visual materials that Z(enseider)Z host on their servers and elsewhere.

Additionally, we accept no liability for symptoms of psycho-energetic disturbance users may choose to disclose after listening to Z(enseider)Z audio or viewing Z(enseider)Z promotional videos.

We have cognitive therapy counselors on staff 24/7 who can help individuals, couples, or groups regain a sense of psychic continuity or recapture a glimmer of their awareness through selective hypnotic regression using a myriad of tools and techniques.

We simply will not abide any allegation which implies that our multimedia materials have resulted in the overload of vestibuloocular reflexes within the meatsuit of some half-wit two-legged mouth-breathing meme alien.

The unborn are particularly susceptible to induced mass hysteria* according leading research into the field of zymatic neural conditioning that took randomly selected maternity wards across the US, CA, and EU and observed the effects of putting safe amounts of phencyclidine and datura in post-labor infant formula.

Read our full public regulatory warning statement.

Z(enseider)Z collaborative efforts

Merchandising: where the real $ is made

Z(enseider)Z the T-shirt, Z(enseider)Z the Coloring Book, Z(enseider)Z the Lunch box, Z(enseider)Z the Breakfast Cereal, Z(enseider)Z the Flame Thrower!

Fans may purchase official Z(enseider)Z merchandize through our clearinghouse on Etsy where visitors will currently find several shirts and a sticker of our Devil's Design band logo in three different sizes.

If you have a design idea or a request please contact us.

We're toying with a few symbols for appropriation by our warehouse, but we always enjoy hearing about or seeing fresh ideas.

We're wondering whether using the same color brown seen in the website background could be applied to apparel

Anyone wishing to collaborate on apparel or accessories please let us know

Your Kind Appreciation

These odd seeming synchropathological recurrences of cognitive dissidence get broadcast to you by the Zenwalker Seiderkin network's Node Exchange and Regional Directory of Sponsors (N.E.R.D.S.), the Zeememes For More Obedient Servitors foundation (Z-MOS) as well as grants from our Department Of Peripheral Epiphenomenon (D.O.P.E.) and proceeds from the Memetic Journal of Nescience and Dissection (M.J.N.D.) annual webzine.

We fully appreciate the support that our fans and the inner circle headz have given us over the years. We truly do. We want you to read this and kNOw that we owe you a debt of gratitude. And, even though we may run the occasional pledge drive, you don't need any special event to lend your support.

It's as easy as...

  1. visit our D.O.P.E. donate page
  2. read our spiel or just scroll down
  3. click the donate button

Once you pledge your support to our D.O.P.E. you will receive updates about projects we undertake, and when a given project nears completion you will receive your "rewards" in the form of creative output generated by our meme-bearers based on your pledge.

And, yes we can raise _more_ than our goals. We kindly thank you in advance for your help! This wouldn't be possible without you.

Every dollar helps make this a better Siblinghood. Raise enough, and we may even be able to cook a full meal more than once a month!

Expletive Redacted

Our band logo was precision handcrafted by Barry James Lent of Devil's Design

Various intrusions on Chronology

Zelathune Zionisk calendar of seasonal events: births, deaths, holy days, observances, and other anniversaries of note

December 20-23 Winter solstice Yule
Earth . North . Green . Capricorn
the Numerical Egregore of Four

  • December 27th Jake R.'s bday
  • January 4th Col. Hank's bday
  • Janurary 8th Sighris' bday
  • January 30th Brian Z.'s bday
  • Feurary 1st Imbolc, Candlemas, or Brigid
    • Numerical Egregore of Eight
  • Feburary 6th A. Boyd's bday
  • Feburary 10th Missy Mel & Mary's bday
  • February 13th Ruela's bday
  • February 17th Fireclown's bday
  • February 21st Gambit's bday
  • February 22nd GPO's bday
  • Feburary 24th Stormy's bday
  • Feburary 25h Aubrey's bday
  • Feburary 29th Jessikaos' bday
  • March 4th Joe Crow/Dustin's bday
  • March 15th Pope Mickey's bday/HPL's death

March 20-23 Vernal equinox Ostara
Air . East . Yellow . Gemini
the Numerical Egregore of One

  • March 30th Z(enseider)Z bday
  • April 1st official ZZ New Year
  • April 4th Can Deal <3
  • April 15th Laura T.'s bday
  • April 30th Hexennacht or Witches' night
  • May 1st Beltane
    • Numerical Egregore of Five
  • May 5th Stephen Flowers' bday
  • May 6th infek's bday
  • May 15t A.O. Spare's death
  • May 17th Grace's bday
  • May 21st Due Profit/B.I.G.'s bday
  • May 24th Marik's bday
  • May 30th Gelsey's bday
  • June 2nd Keith's bday
  • June 4th Jeremy V.'s bday
  • June 13th Capeditiea's bday
  • June 20th Eian & Nikol <3

June 20-23 Summer solstice Litha
Fire . South . Red . Leo
the Numerical Egregore of Two

  • June 21st Bisno's bday
  • July 4th Rose's bday
  • July 6th Psyche's bday
  • July 8th J. Erik/Philly Abe's bday
  • july 9th 139's bday
  • July 11th Twins/LMD's bday
  • July 16th mD/Bab's bday
  • July 17th DKMU's Chelseanacht
  • July 18th Eian/HST's bday & OpInt launch
  • July 19th Luke A.'s bday
  • July 20th Uncle Birch's bday
  • July 22nd DMT's bday
  • July 24th WARG's bday
  • August 1st Lammas
    • Numerical Egregore of Six
  • August 9th Tijaa's bday
  • August 12th JP's bday
  • August 20th H.P. Lovecraft's bday
  • August 25th Uncle Chuckie's bday
  • August 27th Michelle R.'s bday
  • August 30th Don Ing's
  • September 2nd Mkl/Ray Sherwin's bday
  • September 6th Tzeenj's bday
  • September 18th Agg's bday/Hendrix's death

September 20-23 Autumnal equinox Mabon
Water . West . Blue . Scorpio
the Numerical Egregore of Three

  • September 21st ZZ equinox meat meet 2019
  • October 3rd Stevie Ray's bday
  • October 5th Endy's bday
  • October 10th PVIT's bday
  • October 12th Crowley's bday/Pop's death
  • October 27th J.D. Hawkins bday
  • October 31st Samhain or Day of the Dead
    • Numerical Egregore of Seven
  • November 1st Julian Vayne/Frater UD's bday
  • November 4th Euphoria's bday
  • November 11th Charliemass
  • November 13th R. Knief's bday
  • November 19th Manson's death
  • November 20th Sujan's bday
  • November 22nd Xemo's bday
  • November 24th Bryce's bday
  • November 27th Jimi Hendrix bday
  • December 1st Fenwick's bday
  • December 3rd Amun D.'s bday
  • December 10th Andres' bday
  • December 13th Juriaan's bday
  • December 15th Naz's bday

The hyper-variable domains of

Meme-Bearers & Metastasis

mp3s and mp4s

Art and Design

Irreligious Neophilia

Under the authority of H.I.S. celestial dominion
Praise H.I.S. name for all to overstand

The Original Zees, who eternally reify the Chaostafarian Vibrational Frequency within the McMansion of Zyabizgzi, remain in charge of all the bureaucratic affairs of our borderless representational anarchy known as I.N.I.

Independent Nations of Individuals

Praise H.I.M. the most high.

Jah bless.

Teleportation & Logistics

We offer the public an enseider's glance at our closely guarded mass marketing strategies and our mo' money merchandising methodologies. We expect marginal increases in reported awareness among:

  • the elderly nudist/polyamorous population
  • impotent neo-Pagan spiritualists
  • douchebag Droolids
  • fluffy McLiccans
  • witless Newage housewives
  • extraneous 5th aeon occultural runoff
  • and other assorted WannaZees

Awareness spikes may indicate a mention of the meme or even the meme itself intruding upon one's consciousness of its own accord.

Nomothetic Mimicry

Propagandistic Philosoffiti

Our node disinformation brochure (wip) provides an in-depth look at the outer slackings of our disorganization, the opprobrious aimlessness of our meme-bearers, and the blatant disregard for hygiene of our leadershiplessness.

        Find out more or less..

  • what we do
  • why we do it
  • who we do it to
  • how we avoid prosecution and
  • when and where we'll get banned next

Visit our WTF?! page for more details

Sufi mystic mafia. Accept us.


removing doubt... one fingernail at a time

In Antithesis To Authority

Our webmaster (Eian) is still a lazy, sloppy, no talent jizz mopper with even less chance of getting his shit together than a laxative-crazed orangutan wearing a perferated colostomy bag at an all you can eat Mongolian barbecue joint.

All written material contained in this website got precision crafted by your boy, Eian Orange, the undisputed apotheosis of all genuine assholes who has more assumed aliases than he does working brain cells at this point in the game.

Look him up on LinkedIn and connect!

We did just recently apply a secure socket to the server, so now when you type the address make sure to add the suffixed S after http. It's now https:// Type in zenseiderz.COM into your web browser and see what happens. Do the same with zenseiderz.NET. That's all thanks to the genius engineering of Eian Orange who's cautiously moving the org into the Aeon of Whore Us.

The crazy, incredible magic of DNS propagation!

Z(enseider)Z remain committed to the advancement and expansion of Thee Device and to all officially sanctioned workings involving the K. E. R. our most sought after gnosis conservation modem ever.

We imbue life into the psyberunculus prop and summon its soon-to-be resident spirit. Our aim is to capture the essence of the specimen specter into the sacrificial substitute.

Bardo Tellus player-killers have been running rampant on the web annihilating memecults allover social media.

I wanna reachout and grab ya

Those who wish to get in touch with or join our multimedia collective should click here to e-mail us or visit our guestbook (wip) or simply reconstruct the following lexical items by manually typing the following address into your e-mail client:

eianorange splat zenseiderz debt ORG



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