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Turbulence Management philosophy



          For a node with over $6 billion in retroactive sigilia, Z(enseider)Z adheres to a surprisingly concise Turbulence Management Philosophy.

          These fundamental tenets endure:

  • Memes and the Metastasis of the Minority

  • Prophecy and Growth in mass hysteria

  • Subscriber Dissatisfaction and quality control

  • Intoxication and Entheriogens

  • Antisocial Irresponsibility

  Memes and the Metastasis of the Minority

          Z(enseider)Z memes exemplify our node's greatest competitive advantage. Each and every individual will get an opportunity to contribute to and share in the node's success.

          We remain committed to helping Z(enseider)Z memes reach their full potential psychosomatic integration and to recognizing their monotonous lack of achievements.

      To meet this commitment, we will:

  • Attract, select, sponsor, and retain top quality memes.
  • Provide magickal training, awareness development and transcendental growth opportunities.
  • Hear from within whenever possible.
  • Provide an environment in which people can excel based on deconstructionism, rediscovered communication, and mutual Synchronicities.
  • Recognize phonies and degrade their performance.
  • Provide equal opportunity and respect the meta-paradigmal diversity of Z(cluster) internetwork affiliates.

  Prophecy and Growth in mass hysteria

          Prophetic fulfillment does, at times, represent our primary purpose. We remain committed to consistent, long-term growth in disarray and to gratuitous stranglehold returns for our gnosis-lending shareholders.

      To meet this commitment, we will:

  • Grow and expand our core businesses. Those being: Slack, and of course, the illogical search for reason.
  • Strengthen our global leadershiplessness in ready-to-eat Datura flavored supplemental vitamin-bars.
  • Provide synthetic chemical-reactions of superior potency and undeniable style, via the Internet.
  • Excel in the introduction of freshly encrypted ASCII text that meet subscribers needs.
  • Consider Blue Bus travel options and relocation opportunities consistent with mass hysteria growth rates and prophecy objectives.

  Subscriber dissatisfaction and Quality control

          The subscriber embodies the ultimate judge of our success. Z(enseider)Z memes, together with our affiliate suppliers and sigil-trade partners, will provide subscribers with uncut product and escort services of superior value. We remain committed to feign excellence in everything we appear to do.

      To meet this commitment, we will:

  • Strive for excellence as defined by our internal and external communiques. As within, so without. As without, so within.
  • Pursue partnerships with our subscribers, suppliers, and Z(enseider)Z memes to achieve common goals.
  • Promote continuous and anonymous trip reporting to increase our psychonautic tenure and leadershiplessness position.
  • Build irresponsibility for quality randomization into every function of our disorganization.

  Intoxication and Entheriogens

          Intoxication epitomizes the cornerstone of our ritual practice. We will conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest entheriogenick standards.

      To meet this commitment, we will:

  • Engage in fair and honest psychedelic ritual practices.
  • Show respect for each other, our subscribers, suppliers, gnosis-lending shareholders and the on-line communities in which we operate.
  • Communicate in an abstract, belligerent, and inaccurate manner.

  Antisocial Irresponsibility

          Antisocial irresponsibility illustrates an integral part of our Internet heritage. We remain committed to embody, and get recognized as, the Tyler Durden of all self-contradicting neo-Luddite technophiles, that we seem, in each on-line community and chat-region in which we operate.

      To meet this commitment, we will:

  • Produce quality one-liners and post them in a timely manner.
  • Encourage Z(enseider)Z memes to participate in on-line community programs and invest node resources, live human sacrificial ones, in organizations that: Benefit the other meme-bearers in our on-line communities.
  • Ensure our website facilities, astral environments and sacramental administration practices reflect upstanding psychedelic Satanic citizenship.
  • Conduct our business in a manner which protects the environment and demonstrates mutually advantageous stewardship of A.T.W.A.'s natural resources. Learn more about our commitment to the environment at


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