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Z(enseider)Z Psychick Warning



          As always, Z(enseider)Z exists to leech your OV™ through vastly superior technologies existing in one or more of the following devices:

  • maliciously arranged enumerasciigilia
  • hostile digital servitors or eidolons
  • sadistic public humiliation
  • prolonged memetic torture
  • dome invasion
  • tactical ontological reductionism
  • unadulterated flamewar campaigns
  • deliberate accidents
  • skript kid targeting
  • improvised psi-warfare maneuvers

          This information is provided in strict compliance with local, state, and federal statutes and regulations prohibiting the display or distribution of supraliminally affective protolinguistic inculcators in any public place including the world wide web commonly referred to as the Internet.

          In order to avoid unnecessary lawsuits and litigation which all result in eventual liquidation we must remind casual readers of the irreversible cerebral dangers involved in pursuing the materials exhibited on this website

          Those individuals at highest risk to the subtle hyperphrenic influence of Z(enseider)Z memetic stylings include, but do not remain limited to:

  • children, infants, and the unborn (see our Prenatal Advisory for info)
  • the elderly, the sick, and seniors who insist on driving
  • manic depressives, schizoids, and lithium-addled circus clowns
  • epleptics and dry heavers
  • those with weak immune systems
  • those with visible victim tattoos
  • anyone involved in any way with $cientology
  • anyone carrying any kind of badge
  • all 2nd circuit non-zee humanoid meme-aliens

Neurosurgeon Djinni's warning:
    "Quitting Z(enseider)Z now greatly reduces serious risks to your psychic health."

          From December 2005 to January 2010 approximately 3,500 visitors to this website have reported anaomlous private-personal phenomena and various other forms of neural or 'psychic' disturbances at the time of or shortly after visiting the site itself.

          In some cases, had merely gotten mentioned in passing conversation when the anomalous phenomena began in subtle ways, finally culminating upon eventual visitation to where visitors report experiencing an undeniable sense of understanding coupled with a simultaneous terrible dread numbness permeating the understanding; as if the understanding itself reified all moral, ethical, and logical orientation of inferiority, priority, and normality.

          These do not embody (the results of) answer polls or solicitation of any sort. These represent voluntary communications made willingly on the part of the visitor who sought out the maintainers of by e-mail with distinct concern.


This page has been sanitized by V-prime for the promotion of your psychic health




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