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kNewzlog via Wordpress
What's good, what's poppin' and where it's at

Applied Zeememetics
Extrinsic documentation on Zeememe Clusterphilia

Node Informational Proselytism
Upholding our mission and commitment

[GoN] research calculator
Eian's personal GoN 1 database of lexic items

Audio Hypersigilization
the meta-narrative in motion

Sub-Occultural accessories

Donate dollars to D.O.P.E.!
Z()Z Department Of Peripheral Epiphenomena

A collusive interdiction of Zeesemiotics
The sub-occultural invasion of non-Zee meme-aliens

An introductory e-say on Zeeism
How to catch a Zee with the net

A sample Zeeconditioning excercise
Z.E.S.T. Program Teaser

Nescience and Dissection
Memetic integration of concentrated intelligence

Z(coumlang)Z glozzary
The exploitation of denotative meaning

Z-prime neo-vernacular
That's that shit Eianonto been up on for mad long

Meme-bearership applications (EOE)
An epicurean opportunists entrepreneurship

Info Copy

Intro to Z(node)Z Infolosophies
Upholding our mission and commitment

Turbulence Management
Handle your shit and hold it down sans vomiting

Adviriitizing and Trafficking
Name recognition, branding, packaging, distribution

Z(corporate) Tech Wire
Z(ideas) on Z(topics) by Z(enseider) Zees

Fuck The User policy
Non-attachment non-disinterest (DNMNNB)

Anonymity Protocol
You don't ask us and we won't tell you

Zeeprogramming Prescriptions
Special weapons and tactics team

What The Fuck?!
Existentialism at the breakfast table

About the z0s q1a collective
Disclosure of liability

Heed our Warning!
Or pursue our site at your own risk

Psyberlocal Pathworkers

unwisely investing trust online since 1999

Join My Cult! press release
We press copy for 139's debut novel like only we can

Electronic Quarantine

Areas of the virtual world established along the way.

Z(enseider)Z @ facebook.com
Following the lemmings off the cliff to their death

Z(enseider)Z @ groups.google.com
Z plus at the ready, but slightly less than active

Z(enseider)Z @ livejournal.com
z0s q1a is every where all the time.

Z(enseider)Z @ myspace.com
Various tracks from various albums in various order

Uzerz and Nodez

Seidwalker Network N.E.R.D.S.
Node Exchange & Regional Directory of Sponsors

Meme Bearers
A long list of the short bus riders

Currently, z0s q1a foundational clusters claim syndicate chapters in 20 or more states throughout the continental Useless Spectacle of Anglophagia.


Other territories invested in the z0s q1a include New Shambhala, You're Up, The Banana Republic Of Evil, Where Apartheid Once Ended, and many more...



One sure fire way to reach out to us in psyberia

When all else fails e-mail:
E I A N O R A N G E splat Z E N S E I D E R Z debt calm





Nothing has Being

Everything has Value




Off Zite Linkz


Allies appended to our aggregate along the way.

Keys to Death&Hell.com
Archetypal Theriomorph

Selfish Gifts @ Daerice.net
Andrea D. Juillerat's exhibitionist indulgence

The Beast and Babalon.com
Satanic art of every medium and monstrosity

Barry Lent Devil's Design
Thaumaturgic artistry at its utmost pinnacle

Stunning visual artist from Portugal

Blue Luke.com
Master of the GoN and Musical Magick

James Curcio.net
Agent139 Neuro-pimp extraordinaire

Weaponised Art, Ritual Theatre and Film

That bitter, angry fuckhead from the future

Mark Defrates.com
Handcrafted Jewelry

The Blog Of Baphomet
Magickal Dialogue 'tween Nature & Culture

Spiral Nature.com
Exploring philosophy, spirituality, and magick

Uncle Chuckie
Magneto and Prof X all rolled up in one

Eian Orange @ LiveJournal.com
Speak At Once While Taking Turns

Eian Orange @ Wordpress.com
Nothing against No one


Sonic endeavors that make life livable through the ears.

Gorgon of Gdansk Verbalizer.org
Dr. Verr Bell Izah practicing medicine

Current³³³ Choronzon.org
Emerson Williams (east) Mesila Thraam (west)

Veil Of Thorns.com
The living, breathing incarnation of Industrial Black Metal

ZLKNF @ zenseiderz.org
Pvra. Dalem redefines the canvas

SubQtaneous @ Bandcamp.com
Party At The World's End

Hoodoo Engine @ Bandcamp.com
Murder The World & Ego-Whore

VYL8 @ myspace.com
Like whispers heard in these dreams of you

Bibble @ purevolume.com
A rare fusion of mythic reification and narrative dissent

Ape Of Thought @ myspace.com
An immeasureable amount of addictive properties

Oneric Imperium @ myspace.com
Breaking and bloodying boring "music" barriers

Johan Ess @ Nophi records
Laptop Celebrity Anti-NWO Pontification


Speaks for itself, really. I mean, hell man, c'mon.

Join My Cult.org
Better story of Jesus than the Gideon bible

Modern Mythology.net
Creating and exploring the narratives we live by.

Mythos Media.net
Making the myths and Building realities

Collaborative hyperfiction (Eian's personal favorite)

Acidexia @ Amazon.com
Poetic terrorism and radical deconstructionism


Areas of the physical world we've visited along the way.

Extreme Futurist Fest.com
Where mutants meet their makers

The Starland Ballroom
570 Jernee Mill Rd. Sayreville, NJ

Fat Kat Tattoo & Piercing
89 Broad St. Keyport, NJ

Il Bacio Tattoo
515 Hamilton Ave. Trenton, NJ

Station Hill Studios
2 Main St. Germantown, NY

Paper Heart Gallery
750 NW Grand Ave. Phoenix, AZ


Things not yet developed; stuck in conceptual limbo.

None Listed
We're just too lazy to move shit around